Minecrafty goodness

I will admit this now; I am a Minecraft addict and I am proud of it. I recently had a copy of Minecraft purchased for me and I am already hooked on it. I had played the game before and I will admit that I did have a free copy from a torrent but I justify this by the fact that I have actually paid for the game now. I wasn’t trying to cheat the system or anything but I just don’t like buying a game that I don’t know if I like.

The first thing I did on my new, legal copy of Minecraft was to change my skin. “No more looking like a man,” I thought to myself, quickly making my character look like a wood nymph. The one problem with the minecraft skins is that they do not alter the character sounds at all so now, I look like a dainty wood nymph but still sound like ‘Steve’. It is a little strange to be running along and then suddenly to take damage and hear a manly grunt instead of the voice you would expect. But oh well! As this is such a good game I forgive it for the small issues. I can’t be mad at a game that I love so much.

Another thing that I promptly did after downloading Minecraft was to try to add mods to it. Now, I am okay with computers but I am nowhere near being a master of anything technological and sometimes even the simplest thing will catch me out. Installing mods happened to be one of them. So after a while I admitted defeat and started to accept the fact that my copy of Minecraft was doomed to be un-modded. That was until one of my friends told me about the Yogbox.

For any of you who do not know of the Yogscast, I seriously suggest you look them up on YouTube, they are seriously some of the funniest guys on the internet (in my opinion). Anyway, these guys often try out mods and review them on YouTube and the Yogbox is a collection of some of the best mods on the internet and it is super easy to install. For anybody who likes Minecraft but wants to add something more to it, I would seriously suggest downloading the Yogbox. It’s free, you have nothing to lose.


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