Well that was a bit of a fail

Today (as of 1 hour ago) was the birthday of one of my flatmates. To start the day off with a bump, one of my other flatmates decided that it would be a great idea to give the birthday boy the birthday bumps. I was interrupted at half past midnight to somebody coming into my room and asking me to record this event. I agreed for the lolz and the plan was in action. Well, in theory this plan sounded very simple and it was going to go perfectly smoothly. I started recording and we burst into the birthday boy’s room to find him hiding behind the door. Whilst one of the flatmates had decided to give the birthday boy the bumps, the other two had just decided to give him birthday beatings. In the end the birthday boy got away unharmed as he received neither bumps nor beatings. As it turned out, it was only myself and Dan who actually knew what birthday bumps are so it just ended up a colossal cock-up.

On Monday this week I found myself very drunk and very sick. I think the sickness may have been a result of too much Nando’s chicken and far too much cheap vodka. I didn’t make it past the pre-drinking stage. According to one of my flatmates I said that I couldn’t go out because I didn’t have any shoes on. Woops. Now I just seem very stupid. Oh well, that is what alcohol does to you. I am not a massive fan of getting drunk or going out clubbing, but the two times that I have decided that I will be sociable and drink with my flatmates before going clubbing have just ended up with me sitting at home on my own, very drunk… Too drunk to go out in fact.

THERE IS A REASON I DON’T DRINK. And that is the reason why. First time I ended up sat in from of my window, hyperventilating to stop myself being sick. Second time, I was sick out my window. Classy. What makes it worse is that my room is on the sixth floor. Sorry anybody on the floors below.

All in all, my first month at uni hasn’t been too bad.

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