The odds are already against me

I love Wednesdays. The main reason for this is that it is my day off. Things I should do on my days off: prepare for seminars and do the required reading. What I actually do on my days off: sleep, play Minecraft or Oblivion, watch random shows online, randomly surf the internet, think about doing work and generally slacking off.

Today while I was randomly surfing the internet I decided it would be a good idea to look up the ‘hardest’ degree. Ignoring any American websites that came up, I came across a blog which depressed me immensely. Apparently I am pretty much doomed to fail. The percentage of Law students getting a first is around the 6% mark. Wow, I clearly chose the right degree… The job market is ridiculously competitive, only about 1/3 of students get a pupillage* and only 6% get a first. I should just give up now… But I won’t. I’m stubborn.

To anybody reading this, I would write more but my life is too boring to waffle on about every little detail. So, I will leave you with one little anecdote from today. One of my flatmates was tied to a chair, gagged and hauled around the block of flats by 3 of my other flatmates. Funny times.

Farewell x


For those of you who don’t know what a pupillage is, it is a training contract for barristers.

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