Halloween is awesome. I have always thought that Halloween is under-rated in the UK. I would love it if we celebrated it in the same way as Americans do in television shows and such. Today I have had the horrible task of trying to remove fake blood from my face and body. I have failed. There are still obvious blood trails on my face and I had to stand up in front of a full lecture theatre and introduce myself. Great start to my time as a student rep.

Despite the fact that I didn’t get into any clubs last night, I actually had an amazing time. After 40 minutes of queuing for one club myself and one of my flatmates got bored and decided that a meal from McDonald’s was a much better way to spend our time and money. We met a pumpkin and his zombie friends in there. It was a very funny night.

My costume this year was pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I think I pulled off the look quite well. I make a great zombie nurse. Next time I dress up for Halloween I will use less fake blood or get stuff that doesn’t stain. Lesson learned.

Sorry for this very brief entry. There is not much to say at the moment.

Farewell faithful followers x

I love alliteration.


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