Christmas time… A time for work

Christmas is easily my favourite time of the year. I love the festive atmosphere that takes over and I enjoy buying presents for other people. Normally, this close to Christmas I would be thinking about slowing down my work and taking it easy over the festive period. Unfortunately, this year will have to be different. I have too much to do to even think about slowing down. Due to a prolonged illness, I have missed a significant period of time at university and as a result I have a lot of catching up to do. At this moment in time I am taking a break from writing a mock CV and covering letter for a session that I have to be in tomorrow and I have preparation to do for my contract law seminar. I really hope I can get everything done on time.

I saw the first snow of the winter last night. I love the snow but I do not want it to snow for at least another week or so as it causes too many problems and I really want to go back home on Friday. We all know what happens to the trains when it snows. Utter chaos. We are not equipped to deal with the snow.

Writing my CV has made me realise how little work experience I have. I am trying to get my foot in the door of a career that is incredibly competitive. I really need to stand above my competition with a brilliant degree and a proven aptitude for law… I can’t see that happening at any time soon.

Determination… That will get me through… I hope.

Thank you lovely readers, I got a nice nerdy thrill when I saw that my little blog had finally reached 100 views. It is not many at the moment but it is the first milestone. Onwards and upwards I say.


Charlotte x


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