And this is why I am not going back…

I just received an email…. A rather annoying email at that. An email that has alerted me to the fact I will be losing £100 of my deposit for my flat this year. This email also means I owe my guardian £100. Let me just briefly enlighten you as to what this £100 was for.

I lived in private halls this year at uni and while it wasn’t exactly a bad flat, it wasn’t exactly great either. When I first moved in there were a number of problems which I dutifully noted on the check-in form within the first few days of moving in. I have a year’s experience of working in a letting agent’s office so I know just how important it is to note every tiny little problem with a flat when you first move in; that way, your landlord cannot charge you for that problem. On my inventory, I noted the fact that the window mechanism was broken and that the window could open fully. There was supposed to be some safety mechanism to only allow you to tilt the window open so students couldn’t fling themselves out of the sixth floor window when things got bad. The fact I could open my window fully was a blessing for me and also a curse. My room went from boiling hot to icy cold in a matter of seconds; I never could find the happy medium but oh well, it’s over now.

Anyway, following a slight problem with check-out (mainly stemming from the fact that my ex-flatmates are idiots), I couldn’t follow correct check-out procedures and I was fairly relieved to receive the check-out confirmation email… Until I read the attached file… And then I was not so happy. The broken window mechanism that I noted back in October has now finally been checked out by the landlord… And now I am being charged for repairs. If they had done their job properly at the start of the year, they would have fixed it long ago and we wouldn’t have this problem.


It wasn’t even my fault.

Gah… This is annoying. As if I have to pay out for something that was already broken.

*sigh* And this is why I am not going back… Problems galore in that accommodation.

Sorry… Rant over… for now.

~Charlotte x

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