Summer has arrived.

Now that summer has finally arrived, I feel like I can finally procrastinate without feeling guilty about how little work I am actually doing. Recently, I have become rather unmotivated in regards to my education. It is not because I do not enjoy my course; I actually love what I am doing but sometimes I just look at the things I am supposed to be doing and just can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything, despite how much is resting on my success. Trying to break into such a notoriously competitive career path has really shaken up my view on things but luckily it has not deterred me from still wanting to become a lawyer of some kind.

The summer has presented me with almost 4 months of…. absolutely nothing. I have almost no plans for the summer. Get a job, get work experience etc. My list of things to do mainly consists of things to pad out my CV and make me look like a good candidate for a paid placement in my third year of university. Doing the sandwich course means that my CV has to be (for lack of a better phrase) shit hot. I need to show those potential employers that I am motivated and skilled and punctual and whatever else they need to see in me. When I think of this prospect, I can’t help but laugh at myself and think: “I am never going to get hired at this rate.” The unfortunate situation I face is that people want somebody with experience but the only way of getting hired is if you have experience to begin with… How am I supposed to get experience if nobody will hire me because of my lack of experience? It is not good.

The lack of posts in both of my blogs shows just how unmotivated I can be. I started this one up really enthusiastic about it, thinking that it would be an instant success and people would be finding it useful or amusing or something along those lines but my motivation to keep people interested in what I am doing soon faded and I have not posted since January. To anybody who actually read my old posts: I apologise for the lack of updating on my fairly average life. It has been even more boringly average than normal. Perhaps I will find something of interest to keep you informed of in this long stretch of summer, though I highly doubt that. Perhaps I will fall into the sea and that will generate at least a vaguely amusing anecdote.

Charlotte x

One thought on “Summer has arrived.

  1. You should volunteer with an organization that works on issues that truly interest you. Any law school or potential employer love to see commitment, especially when you are working for free! ~~advice from a 3L, for whatever it is worth

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