Dreams, dreams everywhere.

You know things are getting a bit strange when the first conversation of the day throws light onto the dreams of the night before. Dreams in themselves are not all that unusual but the particular dreams that were discussed this morning were bordering on just downright insane.

My flatmate started this morning  by making me tea as she so often does. The room is the biggest in the house just slightly but she has the issue of being closest to the kettle which means she is often on tea duty and the motherly role of making sure everyone else is awake. I do not envy this role given my sheer inability to wake up at any hour before 1pm without real persuasion or physical violence.  This morning was a real privilege given the fact I was actually brought tea to my room. I made the effort to come downstairs… although that is mainly due to the fact that I know there is a good chance if I had had the tea up in my room, I would have taken one sip and gone back to sleep, leaving the mostly full cup to fester on the side alongside the one that has been there for about 3 days now.

Back to the original point at hand. Dreams. This morning it appeared myself and my housemate had been visited by the strange dream monster. I don’t know whether to be flattered or extremely worried that my housemate is dreaming about me. Apparently in her dreams, I call her bucktooth and things along those lines. I think she might have some issues with tooth confidence if her subconscious conjures me up to insult her. When she came into the room saying about strange dreams, I promised her that however strange her dream was, mine would top it. There was no way that her dream would out-weird mine. I would like to apologise in advance for any offence I may inadvertently cause in explaining my dream.

I am not really sure what the building in my dream was. It was strangely familiar yet I am sure I have never been there in my life. I think it may have been my mind meshing a whole bunch of familiar buildings into something new but there is no way to be sure. Apparently now, due to my dream, I have a new title… The King of the Gays. I would like to justify this before I am chased after by an angry mob for not being politically correct. In my dream, I am not really sure what happened but the school ended up being filled with predominately gay men. There was a student council election in which I found myself being elected the king. I have a few issues with this. One: I am not a man so therefore I cannot be a king. Two: my brain is very insulting in dreams. The whole queen thing… yeah… I am not even going to go into how offensive that must be.

My housemate threw some light onto me being elected a king. Her thoughts on it were relating to the scene I had been writing out the evening before. She suggested that I had got so into the zone of the male characters who were going through some issues in regards to their secret attraction to each other that my brain was throwing that out there… or perhaps I was just a man. I do not recall being a man in my dream but I suppose I will never know now.

Later on in my dream it just went weird. Hundreds… and I literally mean hundreds… of ballerinas appeared. Out of nowhere. It was largely men in the school and then suddenly.. BAM! Tutus everywhere. I recall there was a treasure door as well which the king and queen had access to but I had my daily treasure privileges revoked for some unknown reason. Disappointing stuff I think. I never had my position as the king revoked though… which is just odd. I remember trying to walk like a ballerina too… All in all, one of my weirder recent dreams, though still not as weird as my terrifying childhood dream with the were-bears (shut up, they were terrifying at the time.)

I would hate to think what someone analysing me would think of my dreams. Pretty sure I would be sectioned. I am not joking when I say my dreams are just absurd.

I would write more but the things I planned on writing just seem to pale in comparison to the dream discussion… that and the mummy of my house (buck-tooth hefty) has just told me not to stay up too late so I feel I should wrap this up. I realise it has been a long time since I last posted, and I mean a really long time. I thought I would start up the post with a little comic relief. Lord knows my brain is in need of it. If I thought the first year of law school was intense, this year is much more so. Reading back  the posts from last year when I was doubting what I wanted to do makes me very surprised. I know now that this is most definitely want to do. I have never been more motivated to do something in my life. Yes it is hard. Yes the competition is fierce, but I think that just makes me want it more.

In any event, I shall endeavour to post more as this year has already thrown some hilarious and interesting things at me which I want to recall in a vague attempt to help anybody reading this who is unsure about university to see what my experience is like and if that helps them to see if uni is for them. (Yes, I know all experiences will be different, get off my back.)

Farewell for now, possibly non-existent readers.

Charlotte x

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