That was obviously what I intended to buy…

I am not really sure what happened yesterday. It was a very strange day for a number of reasons, not least the whole dream thing. Aside from that, I thought it might be a vaguely normal day. University this year means I have a four day weekend and everything crammed into Monday-Wednesday. In any event, yesterday myself and the housemate who shall forever be known as bucktooth decided that we would go shopping to try to get hold of some articles of clothing for our Halloween costumes. After last year, I didn’t think I would be doing Halloween again but I sort of suggested a group Sweeney Todd thing and can’t really back out now given the fact I am playing Mrs. Lovett. No fake blood this year. I very much learnt my lesson from last year. Going around with trails of faint fake blood on my face for 2 or 3 days was less than amusing to me.

I had a good idea in my mind of what Mrs. Lovett looks like and how I was going to put my own creative spin on it to make a costume more easily. I was really surprised when we found no full length skirts that could have worked with the outfit. As it stands, after an hour and a half of browsing various shops in the lace market, I still have nothing for my costume… but I am now the proud owner of…. wait for it… some figure skates. I had no intention of purchasing ice skates when I went out (admittedly it would have been a bit strange if I had) but I saw them and I just kept looking at them and I couldn’t resist the urge to try them on, given they were the only pair and they were in my size. In my mind at this point, I am listing at least a dozen reasons why I needa pair of ice skates. “It will save me money in the long run” I tell myself. “You won’t have to wear those awful blue skates that ice rinks seem to thrust upon everybody.” After I realised they fit, one of the girls on the shop floor prompted to initiate possibly the longest conversation about skates I have ever had and the other then chipped in with “Do you actually skate?” … No… I am just buying skates for the giggles. I would have thought someone buying skates had some interest in using them possibly because they already skate or they are in the process of learning. I think her question more stemmed from the fact that I look about as graceful as an elephant on stilts and I had spent about 20 minutes plodding around the shop in a way that made my co-ordination seem questionable at best.

I would like to put this out there now: I can actually skate, if you consider staying upright and being able to turn basic skating. I have always had this fascination with skating that I can’t really explain. I adore ice skating and if Brighton had a permanent ice rink, I would have done it far more as a child… well, as a teenager. As it stands now, I am in the perfect city to make ice skating a regular sport for me. The National Ice Centre is within about half an hours walk for me or even less if I am lazy and get the tram for a large portion of the way.

I can’t decide if I should take up one of the Skate UK courses or not. Ideally I would take the one that is starting in 3 days but the chances are it is full and knowing me, my laziness will shine through and it will get to the first session and I will just be like: “I will go next week.” I realised when I looked at the skates after buying them (for a reasonable £12.99) that I know very little about maintenance of them. I will have to get them sharpened in the ice centre before I take up skating and I will need to buy blade guards asap if I plan on using them.
I really do have to at least go ice skating a few times to justify this purchase… I am not really sure what came over me to purchase such a random thing. Sequins anybody?

~Charlotte x

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