One more sleep! Game City Awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

This year, Game City runs from tomorrow for a whole week. Many of you will not understand just how excited about this I have been for absolutely ages. I was so excited about it last year too but my illness and other things meant I hardly got a chance to see anything. I knew about Game City but I didn’t get involved. This year is different…. This year… I… AM… A… STEWARD! HUZZAH! Now some people might not think that volunteering at the festival would be as good as just going along as a member of the public but I just so wanted to be involved, to help out and get really engrossed in something I am passionate about.

This is entirely unrelated to my course but I don’t really mind that. I think there is something good about not entirely confining myself to the legal sphere. The festival itself officially opens up to the public tomorrow morning at 10am. For me, Game City has already started. The final briefing was this evening and I got to meet the other stewards and the staff as well as the artist behind the Game City posters and such. Everyone seems nice and I got to draw on the blackboards so other people will draw on them too. My hearts are clearly just works of genius.

I can already see what is going to happen. I have signed up to work all the days I am not in uni this week and I have only signed up for one shift each day but I know I will end up just working all the hours I can because it is a form of productive procrastination. Productive in a way that is unrelated to my course. I will try my hardest to get all my work done in the time I have left but chances are my work this week will be less than my normal standard.

Earlier I just had a major nerdy happy moment when they spoke about the Minecraft section. I just… I can’t say how happy that makes me. There is just going to be so much cool stuff to do and help out with so I shall have to take lots of pictures and document it. There will undoubtedly be some hilarious moments with so many people in such a small space (although that being said, the ‘tent’ (if it can be called that) is giant.) I have already heard some hilarious anecdotes from last year’s Game City.

I would suggest to anybody in the Nottingham area or anybody considering travelling in the half term or even just on an odd day off, to come to Nottingham at some point in the next week. There are going to be some seriously amazing events.The first UK showing of LEGO: The Lord of the Rings, crafting sessions with Philippa Rice (the artist), mechanical Donkey Kong and a World Record attempt.

I will be trying to post on a regular basis throughout this week (most likely every day I work) and on the days I am not working, I may well pop along to the festival just to see what is going on.

One last thing: I have never seen so many safety scissors in my whole life… so… many… crafting materials…

~Fraxi x


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