The end of day 6.

Originally I had planned on writing a blog entry each day for Game City and that almost instantly failed. I did the first weekend in one post and then today. I suppose I have been at university Monday-Wednesday so I have a vague excuse for not having written.

This post is not going to be anywhere near as long as the last one as I only have a day’s worth of stuff to write about but it has been a particularly interesting day. Game City has once again thrown a day of fun-filled flerbtastic goodness. I often actively avoid situations which put me at the centre of attention in big crowds but today found me optionally throwing myself into a situation which made me very uncomfortable to begin with… and proceeded to make me uncomfortable for the rest of the day. At about 8.30am this morning, one of the staff offered for stewards to do presenting throughout the day and a bit later I did something very stupid and opted in. Turns out I did well enough for them to want me to do it again and I rather foolishly (in my mind) agreed to do it again, admittedly with a slightly smaller role.

Presenting turned out to be one of the hardest jobs I have done this week. It isn’t the public speaking I have had an issue with. Other than the fact I think I sound like a hamster on speed, I think things went fairly well today. I didn’t cough uncontrollably into the microphone or accidentally swear. I didn’t forget anybody’s name or trip onto the stage. If anything, I think things went extremely well considering I have not done anything like this for a long time… Well… ever actually. What made the job difficult was the near constant running around. After the last ‘interview’ (and I use the term loosely) I was more relieved than I have been at all this week. I was just so glad to sit down. Running around trying to work out who wanted to speak and what they wanted to speak about (some developers have multiple games) and whether they needed their laptops or iPads actually took most of the half an hour I had between each stint on stage.

I don’t really want to waffle on about presenting anymore so I will talk about one of the games… turns out I am a trampolining game ninja. This obviously as nothing to do with the fact I used to do trampolining.. It’s clearly just my natural mad skills. It took me at least 3 rounds before I realised there were buttons to pressed. I think it was the comments from the side that prompted me to this knowledge. “I don’t think she is even using the buttons” *pause in which I wasn’t really paying attention as I was bouncing* “There are buttons?!” Nobody told me this. All I knew was that I had to bounce and try to stay upright on screen. As it is now, I am undefeated, having never played the game before. Achievement unlocked I feel.

Since I have little else to say, I will just try to big up Game City for anybody who may happen to find themselves in or around Nottingham in the next 2 days. There are still lots of things going on so if you find the time GO AND LOOK AT THINGS! I shall also leave you with a list…

~Fraxi x

The things I have gained from GameCity 7

  • Experience dealing with the public
  • More confidence in public speaking
  • Better time keeping skills
  • Stickers xquite a few
  • Badges x5
  • Steward… I mean, Head Steward Lanyard
  • T-shirts x2 (steward shirt and one of the only squirrel apocalypse t-shirts, courtesy of the NTU DevSoc)
  • Chocolate coins, sweets and cornflake cake… oh, and free lunches. (Clearly the main reason for being here… I keed I keed)

2 thoughts on “The end of day 6.

  1. I saw the tent in the square at the weekend but got too knackered by the end of the day to go and have a look. I did have a giggle at the big screen outside though! Good on the mad trampolining skills 😀

    1. It is a shame you missed out on it. The week was honestly fantastic and I think it had something for everyone. I can no longer say I remained undefeated for the week on Get on Top and I suppose I should take defeat graciously but I can’t bring myself to be happy for the girl who beat me. I blame it on the events on the night before and if it wasn’t really weird of me to challenge a 10 year old to a rematch, I would do it. To be fair though, it was one each in match points by the end. We both won one game. I think I might develop temporary amnesia which conveniently makes me forget my match loss.

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