How about another update on my legs?

“I seem to always get updates on your legs.” I honestly did not think I would ever hear someone say that but apparently I give regular updates about my legs to the people around me. I should maybe stop doing this. I might also have got one of my housemates to stroke my leg because it was very smooth. Our relationship is bordering on being creepy now.

Today was a bit of a tribute to how boring my life can be at times (or perhaps it has something to do with me being easily amused). Nobody should ever be as excited about bed linen as I was today. I don’t know why it took me so long to get bed linen with stars on it but I am never going back now. I can’t even bring myself to care that it isn’t purple. STARS PEOPLE! I went through a strange phase of obsession with stars in college which I largely grew out of but the bed linen has shown me just how much I have missed stars.

It is probably time I post about the end of GameCity 7. Yes, it finished a fair few days ago now but shhh… details. I have just one thing to say: I…. Am now a world record holder. I conveniently forget to mention that so are about 290 other people. Details again. I am sort of at a bit of a loss now. Catching up on my work has been a really difficult task. Law has far too much reading. In general I am having a post-GameCity clear up, including my room, the house and my brain. Going from a week and a bit of neglecting my work and spending all my free time volunteering to having so much free time again is just a bit strange.

My writing is all over the place today, which perfectly reflects the fact that my brain is flickering between about 20 different things other than what I should really be focusing on. In the last week or so, I have heard the word ‘moist’ more times than I can count. It started out as a joke and it is just not dying. It is not unusual now for someone to just walk into a random room in the house, say ‘moist’ and then disappear again.

Since my brain has conveniently decided to forget everything else I was going to write, I am just going to sign off with a few random things about my opinion of GameCity.

Fraxi x

Best moment of GameCity: Probably during one of the ‘Super Noodles’ sessions. One of the children playing was just so excited about the game and he was practically screaming ‘noodles’ into the microphone. It made me smile like a loon.

Worst moment of GameCity: Err… ‘disagreements’ with a certain person. There wasn’t anything about the week I genuinely disliked actually. Aside from a clash in personality with one person, I enjoyed everything. Cool people, games and badges. What’s not to like?

Favourite presentation: I didn’t go to many of the presentations actually as I was in the main tent but I enjoyed the premier of Lego: Lord of the Rings. I am counting that since it was the only presentation I went to.

Favourite day: I am not really sure on that one. Each day was a different experience. The presenting on the Thursday was nerve-wracking but a great experience nonetheless. The ‘noodles’ day, as I am now going to refer to it, was hilarious and the last day was great too. I don’t think I can choose one.

Favourite game from the week: Another hard one. One I am not sure I actually want to answer. I liked so many of the games for different reasons. I hate choosing things so I am avoiding this.

Word of the day: Gobble. And yes… I have used it today.

My life would be complete if:I owned as many bean bags as I had access to at the party on the last night of GameCity.

Thank you to my lovely moist housemate Jeanette for the suggestions for ‘questions’. I am sorry I didn’t include all of them. ‘The hottest guy of the week’ is not something I want people to read.

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