Letters to myself #2.

Following on from my letter to myself yesterday, I am going to write a letter to my future self today. This will probably be as awkward as the letter yesterday but it is the last letter to myself… I promise.

Dear Charlotte of 2032,

If you haven’t died in the Boots library death lift by the end of university, this is a letter for you.

It is hard for me to think about how things are going to be in 20 years. I hope that in 20 years, you will still be on the career path that I want to be on now. As it is now, I am not 100% sure what area of law I want to practice in but I hope that in 20 years, I will have chosen a specific area and I will still be enjoying my job after all that time.

A lot of people like to think about relationships in the future but in my mind that has never been something I want to plan for. I suppose I would say I don’t want you to be alone at that point. It would be nice if you had found a nice guy but I don’t think that is the biggest thing. If it happens, it happens. I hope you won’t get too worked up about it if you haven’t found someone. Children might have come into your mind by that point but right now, they are not something I have considered… at all.

I hope that in 20 years, you have managed not to get into too much debt. Yes, university has given me debt already but hopefully you will be careful enough with your money that it is not a massive stress in the future. Perhaps in the future you will have your own house, or more likely a flat. I pray that in 20 years time you will be able to drive. That would be extremely useful.

Hmm… I hope that in 20 years, you will be more comfortable around people. I am getting more comfortable around people as things go on but I hope that by 2032, I will have become comfortable enough to trust people more. It would make my life far easier now. I do hope that your health is good.

I would like to think that you and Alex are still talking in 2032. It would be a shame to lose contact with him, considering how much has gone on in the family. It would make me very happy to think that in 20 years you will get the chance to speak to Carl and Isi again but not all wishes come true. Those problems will not sort themselves out overnight and the chances are, it will take a long time to get to see them again, if it happens at all. I only hope they haven’t forgotten you. After all, they were very young when you left home. Perhaps technology will allow you to get in contact with them more easily.

It would be good to think that if you have a good job, you will get the chance to interact with your family in the States more. As it is now, it is out of my grasp. I can’t afford to just go and visit but I hope that you will have had the chance to see them all. After all, it would be a shame to miss the chance to get to know your family.

One last thing: I hope you get the most out of everything life throws at you. Hopefully, the past will mean that you appreciate the good things more and actually get the most out of everything.

An awkward farewell to you, future me.


The Charlotte of 2012.

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