Slow brain is slow.

Oh god.. It has been a little longer than I would have liked between this post and the last but since the last post, I have simply not been able to motivate myself to write about anything. This may be because there is little in my life at the moment that I can write a whole post about. I think I am just letting things pile up so when I do actually post it looks like my life is actually eventful and exciting and all those things.

Law is, as always, causing my brain to slow outside of lessons to a horrible crawl which means anything unrelated to law is completely beyond me for the most part. Sleep deprivation is becoming a problem once again and EU law has my brain more muddled than it has been in a long time. I enjoy art as a hobby when I can motivate myself and get some inspiration from somewhere but since the start of term, I have had very few moments that have actually inspired me to be creative. I had one burst near the start of term where I decided I was going to write a D&D campaign and I came up with the concepts for the main NPC’s and cities… and then my inspiration went. It is kind of bad that I don’t remember writing many of the descriptions. This may have something to do with the fact that I wrote them on one of the nights I couldn’t sleep. Half-asleep writing for the win.

I mainly started this blog to talk about university and I realise there are very few occasions I speak about it exclusively. I am not going to start now. University is definitely a big part of my life. Actually… probably the main part of my life… but it is simply not interesting enough to talk about on its own. At the moment, not only am I doing the work I am obliged to do as part of my degree; I am also willingly opting in to the internal mooting competition. Now I have confirmation that I am in the first round and I am not sure whether I regret opting in or not. I am slightly worried that my competitive side will come out in a less than healthy way and I will end up screaming invalid legal arguments at my unsuspecting opponent.

I have one exciting event for the future now. It is slightly depressing that at my age I have never been abroad but now I am finally going to get the chance to go out of the UK. I had a rather strange moment on Saturday where one of my housemates came into my room and just said: “You know you have never been abroad? Would you like to come to the Canary Islands in the Easter holidays?” So now… I am going to the Canary Islands. It caused a little stress for me in that I realised after the flights had been booked that because of a slight error, we are going during the last week of term 2. This means that I may have an issue with a German exam. This should worry me more but as I am taking German as an extra topic on top of my module, it is not actually compulsory for me to take the exams. Obviously it is in my best interests to do so but if I cannot work around it I am not going to fail my exam for missing the German written exam. I would like to point out that I do not take the decision to miss an exam lightly. If it was part of my degree, there is no way I would even consider missing it.

I shall leave it at that as I am worried about waffling now. I think I managed to get just enough into this post to make my life seem vaguely interesting. Quite the achievement I feel. I shall leave you with the image of my very productive land law lecture today. I enjoy Pokemon…

~Fraxi x



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