My Scrapdiary.

I think I might have broken the house… I was going to start writing immediately but since I arrived in a spot in the house that has internet, the house seems to be protesting. Flickering lights and such. Oh well.. as long as the internet stays up. Ignoring the fact that either the whole house is about to explode or I am going to be brutally murdered by an angry ghost, I think I shall discuss what I am now fondly referring to as my scrapdiary. There has been a thick sketchbook in my room since before I came back to university. It had big plans ahead of it: it was going to be the book I sent to the states to a friend which we would doodle in and send back and forth… It never got that far. Since the start of term, I have just neglected it. It had one pretty page which I had doodled on and marked as my own with a giant ‘Charlotte’s Book’ at the front. Other than that… It was empty.

What got me thinking about the book was searching through my room in the random time of boredom. Since I have spent enough time in the library today to completely frazzle my brain, this evening has been less productive than I would like. I have done more work for one seminar than I need to and none for the others that require preparation. I shall sort this in due course… (probably the evening before my seminars). In my searching of my room in my less than productive state, I came across the diary pages I used in my Filofax last year. Why I kept them is a little bit of a mystery, even to me, but I am glad I did. Flicking through them, I found the tickets from the events I took part in during freshers week last year. I decided that instead of remaining in a box, paper-clipped to diary pages I will never use again, I would put them in a scrapbook… a scrapbook that was not yet in existence. It was at that point that the sketchbook suddenly jumped up and started screaming: “Pick me.. Pick me!” It wasn’t like I had any other options so I went with the sketchbook. What was meant to be a scrapbook then took on an almost diary-like quality; for some reason I decided that it would be a good idea to briefly recap my thoughts on the first year.. And lo and behold… The Scrapdiary was born. I call him Jim.

I actually read back over my recap of the first year and I quite like it so I felt like I should share with the class. This term I have been spending a lot of time comparing the first term to last year. I can see the things I missed out on last year and can work out what I want to do this year to make things better. So far, I think I am doing well. I am having a good year. I would go so far as to say I am having a great year, aside from the occasional off day. Anywho.. My recap of the first year:

My first year of university was eventful in its own way. It was an experience I am glad I had, even if I didn’t get as much out of it as I should have. One of the most obvious shortcomings I had last year was my sheer reluctance to socialise. I don’t know what it was but I so rarely went out that I missed out on a lot of things. I did not do badly in the end but looking back on the first year from where I am now, I see how much more I could have done. I didn’t entirely miss out though. I made a small group of misfit friends and we all still talk now so we must be doing something right!

I think whilst I could have gained more last year, the learning experience is the main thing to get out of it. I am learning from the mistakes I made last year… and making a whole bunch of new ones! It’s all good fun.”

I will say one thing: I am so glad I can touch type. Made typing out and reading at the same time a whole lot easier. Being able to type without looking at the keyboard or screen is a good skill I feel.

On that note, I (sort of) endeth this post to you, dear people. Jim needs more stickers!


Since I like the dA mood box thing at the end of journal entries on there, I thought I would steal it for today.

Mood: Tired, stressed and a little on the grumpy side. If someone tried to take a chocolate bar from me, I would probably stab them… or cry…

Listening to: Either someone next door or a really bad burglar. The problem with terraced houses is that you can never tell if noises are next door or if someone is in your house. Not a good thing when you are home alone.

Reading: The Shining… Still. I have been reading this for quite a while but I have been neglecting it too. I normally read fast but for some reason, law completely drains my willpower and I rarely manage to bring myself to read anything not related to law.

Eating: Nothing at this very minute although I do plan on changing that. There are no calories in food if nobody sees you eating it…

Drinking: Blueberry vodka and lemonade. It tastes like grownup happiness.

2 thoughts on “My Scrapdiary.

    1. I do actually have a diary but I neglected to bring it to university with me and it is something that I can’t share with people. Well.. I could, but I am not so inclined. I plan on using Jim to allow my friends a chance to write messages and things as well because I like the idea of looking back on it in however many years and seeing those messages from my friends of the time. I also have a memory box for some things. But scrapbooks are nice for some things. Once the book is full, I will put it in the memory box and start a new one.

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