Would you like some drink with that ice?

I have been thinking about strange eating habits recently. I recall having a conversation about quirks in regards to food and such and I figured it was a nice light-hearted topic to write about. I can’t bring myself to write about anything serious for fear of lapsing into a state of self-pity from which I will never return. The amount of Ben & Jerry’s I would consume is not exactly conducive to weight loss.

Most people have things that they like to eat and others they don’t and I think most people have quirks as well, even if they are not always so obvious. I think I have noticed most of my strange habits now but for the most part I do not think I need to change them. I like to think that my diet is, for the most part, balanced enough for me not to die.

The title for this post actually makes sense for me. When I am out, I don’t like to have that much ice in my drinks due to the fact that I am paying for the drink, not half a glass of ice and a piddly amount of actual drink. When I am at home though, I almost always have as much ice as I can physically fit in the glass. When I am at home, this is not made any better by the fact we have an ice machine in the fridge. At university, the amount of ice is directly dependent on whether I make the effort to fill the ice cube trays. Luckily for me, we got 3 free ice cube trays when we crashed the freshers fair this year. It makes me happy. I can have all the ice I like… In the shape of fish and shells. It amuses me.

Back to talking about other habits. I don’t know why but for as long as I can remember, I have had a strange aversion to orange coloured sweets. It is not that I don’t like the taste but for some reason, when I look at the sweets, they just do not look appetising. It might stem from the fact oranges take me so long to peel that I have developed a subconscious dislike for things that remind me of oranges. It is like fish… I don’t dislike fish but I actively avoid ordering it when I go out to eat. I never really have worked out why. I avoid eating it for the most part as there are many things I would rather eat.

I like to think I am not all that picky when it comes to food and I base that on the fact that the list of foods I don’t like is not that long.

Foods that I really dislike:

  • Raw tomatoes. Only an actual tomato. Anything like tomato based sauces are fine. I just really can’t stand the texture of tomatoes. I don’t like the taste when they are raw either.
  • Olives. Just… bleh… they are gross. I know a lot of people really like them but I can’t stand them. One memory I have of eating olives is my dad telling me to eat one or he wouldn’t give me a hug. I recall spitting it out in the bin after the hug.
  • Tinned tuna.. it looks gross, tastes worse and smells bad too.
  • Peanut butter. I love peanuts but normal peanut butter makes me feel ill. The smell makes me cringe. I haven’t actually eaten it for years though.

There are probably other things I dislike but those are the main four. I could waffle on about my food habits but I think a list of random questions will be easier so I will do that.

Something I couldn’t live without-I would not be able to stop eating ketchup. I probably eat far too much ketchup for it to be healthy; it is probably bordering on an addiction, but I have no inclination to eat less of it. I know there is a lot of sugar in ketchup but I love it! I have it with any meals I can reasonable eat it with.. And probably some I shouldn’t.

Something I probably eat/drink too much of- I probably drink too many fizzy drinks. Over the summer, I would have said Diet Coke in particular but since the start of this term, I have been drinking a lot more Dr Pepper… too much probably. Oh well. I am a student… Teeth are overrated anyway.

Favourite drink- This does depend on the mood I am in but  if I had to choose a general drink, I would probably say tea. Tea is one of the only drinks I actually drink consistently on a daily basis.

Something I would steal a child for a bag of- Doritos. There are very few things I would not do for a bag of Doritos and some dip to make nachos.

How long could I go without meat? Quite a while actually. Last year I ate very little meat. This year, given the fact one of my housemates is a big meat eater, I have have actually started eating more but meat is more expensive than the fake Quorn counterpart.

I shall leave my discussion of my eating habits and preferences at that but it would be great to hear about any quirks anybody reading this has. On that note, I shall leave it. I think this post has been sufficiently waffley and pointless.


No wordpress…. I did not want to write ‘appendicitis’ instead of ‘appetising’… I just want the English spelling.


One thought on “Would you like some drink with that ice?

  1. Well you got me borderline addicted to Doritos, and much like yourself I always have a bottle of ketchup sat on my desk, because the cupboard is far too inconvenient. Toasted peanut butter sandwiches are an oddity of my diet I suppose, as well as the legendary chicken burger/sausage roll combo that sustained whenever I decided to turn up at secondary school. Keep salmon and mushrooms away from me though. Eurgh.

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