It’s over… I can sleep now maybe.

Oh lord. One of the longest weekends I can remember has just come to an end. There is definitely a difference between doing an all-nighter and doing an all-nighter with a butt load of work to do. I do question my decision to agree to go to Uni Jam but I realise if I had been asked now if I would do it again, I would probably say yes. I ache all over, my eyes feel like someone has been clawing at them, my teeth are undoubtedly all going to fall out and the free relentless has probably burned an irreparable hole into my stomach… But I did have a strangely good time. Of my four day weekend (the one thing about uni I regularly boast), I almost willingly spent practically two days lurking around the Newton building like some kind of weirdo.

Art, in a variety of forms, has always been a hobby of mine. I do, might I mention, use the term ‘art’ very loosely here. I never enjoyed art as a subject in school as the structure of it didn’t appeal to the few ways which I can be creative. I thought Uni Jam was going to be a similar issue; I thought the theme would be so strict that I would have no room and I would be stuck trying to draw something I had absolutely no idea about and I would just end up a crying, dribbling mess in some forgotten corner of the university. As it was, I did have to draw things I have never drawn before but it turned out quite well in my opinion. I am by no means a world class artist and I am not likely to get a job designing for a professional game company any time soon but I think the images I drew for the game this weekend had their own strange style.

This weekend may have an absolutely awful effect on me in that over the past however many hours, my diet has consisted of about 95% sugar and a handful of crisps in a vain attempt to even it up slightly. This is why my teeth are screaming in protest and it is as though I have been chugging acid from the weird noises my stomach is making in protest. I received an adorable gift today from a friend’s mother… I cannot eat it. Any more chocolate and I will just die. Honestly, I love sweets and chocolate as much as the next person, but right now I would be happy if I didn’t see another chocolate bar or Haribo sweet for at least a month.

Because my brain feels like it is about to explode from near constant exposure to a screen since midday yesterday, I will wrap this up as a shorter post than normal. I have a severe case of the twitchies as well and it is making it hard to concentrate, let alone write. I shall leave you few lovely followers with some of my artwork (again, I use this term loosely) to show you what I got up to this weekend. I will probably explain more about UniJam in my next post since I feel like it needs some brief explanation. Oh… and I won a prize. I got a certificate and some device which I have honestly no idea what to do with. Fun times ahead to work it out I feel…


I finally get to have the first cup of tea since Friday. I have had a mega craving for a cup since about 2am this morning and I was hardly about to brave the streets of Nottingham at that time just for one, no matter how badly  I craved one. 

P.s. I shall upload one of the Dev Soc updates of Uni Jam. I figure it is about time I stop being quite so paranoid about my voice on recordings since I found out there is an interview from Game City on Trent TV now. Bad times.

The Midnight Update:



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