This is just getting ridiculous now.

I should not be awake now but my procrastination has got to the point that I have an assessed piece of work for German that is due this week and I am sort of half way through it. It is probably a bad thing that I do not know the exact date it is supposed to be handed in. In all fairness, that is not my fault; they never actually told us an exact date. I am trying to make myself feel better by telling myself the deadline is at the end of the week and that I have loads of time. In reality, it was probably today… yesterday? It’s almost 2am so probably yesterday. It’s fine… I will eventually finish it.3543ka

The only acceptable topic for me to write about at this point is procrastination. It is probably a bad thing that instead of actually doing something vaguely productive, I decided the best use of my time was to look up pictures of procrastination for about 20 minutes. I now have a small collection of images depicting the exact steps I have been through during my education since the start of college, and the steps I will probably continue to go through for the foreseeable future. I would love to say that I learn from my mistakes, but in this case… No… I really don’t. I just work more effectively under the stress I place on myself by leaving things to the evening before. At least that is what I tell myself to make it all seem better.

What doesn’t help is that after the stress and work of last week, my brain has just started to protest and has shut down a week earlier than it should have done. No brain, it is not the end of term yet and I still need you to be at least vaguely responsive instead of causing me to be a drooling, incomprehensible wreck in seminars. A combination of my sleep-deprived brain, my stupid iPod and an incredibly boring lecture led to one of the more embarrassing lectures of the term. In my defence, my Ipod was turned right down but with the app starting up, the sound flicked back on again… And decided to play some generic jingly Christmas music loud enough for half the lecture theatre to hear. Not my best moment, I have to say. Unfortunately… This is not the first time something almost exactly like this has happened to me this term. This one was just a lot worse. I really need to learn not to make stupid mistakes like this twice.

IIIIIIII_Am_A_DINOSAUR_RAWR_by_josiethediaperdogFollowing on from my browsing of the internet, my brain decided that the only logical thing to search after images of procrastination was to look up dinosaurs. I have literally no idea what is wrong with my brain. With the protesting and the refusing to let me sleep, I am getting to the point of weirdness that people don’t find quirky any more… They are seriously considering locking me away until January. We have a basement all ready and everything. I am kidding… The basement is supposed to be off limits. I have no idea why there is a traffic sign down there though. One of the only times I have been down there led to injury, as most things do with me. Also, I think there might be an angry hobo down there who might attack me if I don’t share my grated cheese with him. You just never know.

steampunk dinosaur

I shouldn’t be as excited about my German lesson being cancelled as I was. I read the email and my immediate response was to jump in the air, screaming in happiness and then immediately feign sadness that it was cancelled. At least I won’t have to get ready for the law school party 3 hours before it even starts.

On that note, I think I shall wrap it up for the evening…? Morning…? Night…? One of the three. As always, my post is a little scattered. My brain is far too good at taking me off on tangents… I think a cheese toastie sounds good about now… Maybe the angry basement hobo would like to share…

I shall share with you some of my favourite moments from the week (so far).

I don’t think my ideas for the new campaign are appreciated…

“I know what I will make with my mad scientist skills… A tambouranjo!”

I like to think I have my funny moments. Although, I probably find myself wittier than I actually am.

” “In the seaside town of Brighton is the most magical chocolate shop in the world.” Choccywoccydoodah really is a magical shop… You buy something and magically have no money.”

Issues with unwanted attention? What is the solution I hear you ask? Well…

Me: “How do I respond to that Jet?”

Jet: “Say you’re on your period..”


Jet: “Say you will be showering…
Even if you don’t know what time.”

Grated cheese and hobos…

*Just casually sat in Hanna’s room for a bit eating grated cheese.*

Me: “I look like a hobo eating cheese out of the bag… Actually, if I was a hobo, I probably wouldn’t spend £1.50 on a bag of grated cheese; I would probably buy a loaf of bread or something.”

Just the best video you will ever see:


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