New Year Challenges.

I know this post is a little early for actually thinking about the new year but I think it is necessary this year. I was thinking about the resolutions I try to make every year and then I thought about the fact that I fail at every resolution I make, every single year. I was thinking about making some resolutions anyway but I just know I won’t do them. Most years, I don’t even write them down so I have forgotten them by about two days later. Thinking about the new year got me thinking about this year about to end. Whenever I look back on things, I always feel like I haven’t done enough. It is not always that I haven’t achieved enough in school/Uni/whatever (although that often plays through my mind) but it generally includes something like: Oh, I spent pretty much the whole summer doing nothing at all. I really could have experienced a lot in that time if I had stopped playing Skyrim and messing around on the internet.

I really should not be allowed to write when I haven’t been sleeping as I just waffle and it takes me about 5 minutes to remember the point I was trying to make. Anyway, I had a new plan for this year. I thought it was a new plan until I realised today that someone has done something similar but it doesn’t make me want to do it less. What got me starting to think about my plan was re-watching some ‘Challenge Charlie’ videos. While I am not thinking about painting myself purple in the new year, maybe having a challenge a week wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It would almost force me to do things I haven’t done before. The idea of throwing this out there for people to set me challenges is slightly terrifying because I am convinced about 60% of the world is out to get me and you are probably all crazy. (I kid, I kid… Don’t come after me to cut off my nose).

I don’t want to set all these challenges myself because, as much as I try to expand my horizons, I actually think I live in quite a small little bubble I have created for myself and I am actually awful at trying new things. I want this to be a year I can look back on and actually finally say to myself: I experienced a lot and I am happy with this year. Part of my reasoning behind this is so I have something to write about in my blog each week. My life is sometimes boring to the point I cannot write for a long time. Summer is particularly bad for it, since my brain shuts down and I barely leave the safe confines of my room.

I am not sure how well I have explained what I want to do but put very simply: I want to do a challenge a week to try to expand on the things I have experienced. I want to force myself out of my comfort zone to find things I love, things I am good at, things that excite me, whatever. Some of the challenges might be really simple but others might be something really crazy. The only reason I am writing this post so early is so that I can have an idea of what the first challenge will be before the new year, since I will be starting the weeks from Sundays (starting the 2nd January) and then completing them within a week. Some might end up taking me longer to plan but that just depends on what people challenge me to do.

I will put it out there now: I will not do anything illegal or anything that permanently marks my body. There is no way I am getting a tattoo now. So now, I will ask a favour of those of you reading: Please challenge me to do something! I want this to work and the only way it will work is if I have people chipping in. There are only so many things I can challenge myself to do. Please! Support Chunky Charlotte… Send a challenge today.

I am going to wrap it up there before my brain shuts down.

I am never getting my guardian a film for Christmas again… It has only taken her a year to get around to watching the film from last Christmas…


4 thoughts on “New Year Challenges.

  1. I think this is really great – I feel exactly the same because I just get into boring university mode, or I spend way too much time inside. I’m definitely adopting this for next year, just to make sure I don’t bore myself to sleep 😀 Challenges: eat dinner alone, read a book you have never heard of before, fly a kite, watch a completely new film, find a penpal, do something for charity/volunteer, write a poem, write a short story… Erm…

    1. These are wonderful suggestions! Thank you so much! I am a bit too excited about the flying a kite challenge. I think that will be one of my first, though… the risk of flying away means I might die…

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