Well… That was a pretty bad end of the world.

Well, hello to everybody who survived the end of the world without doing something stupid. Congratulations for not believing that the end of a calendar represented the end of the world. That is not how it works. Calendars end; you make a new one (or make one that rolls around each year without the need to make a new one). That is how it will always be. Unless we decide to forgo our calendar system and live freely, without the constraints of months and seasons. I do not suggest we do this… I would never get out of bed, or know what day it was. I struggle enough as it is.

I am a little bit upset it wasn’t the end of the world. I was completely ready to die in my hobo yognaught attire. And by hobo yognaught, I do not mean that I am a hobo or that all yognaughts are hobos. I just so happened to be walking around in my ‘diggy hole’ t-shirt and some very fetching fingerless hobo gloves. While some people were partying and spending all their money in the event that the world did actually end, I spent the day running mindless errands and realising that my bank account was on the brink of crying and shooting itself. It still is, but I have managed to bring it back slightly. It is simply sobbing uncontrollably in the corner now.

Of course, I did the only other logical thing to potentially end the world on… I played Skyrim. Oh god, I have missed games so much. I have hardly had the chance to play anything this term and I was hardly going to spend the day the world was going to end doing work, was I?

I think my world is ending though because I am going to have to do something I promised I would never do.. I am going to make cupcakes from a mix. It breaks my heart. I hate making things from a ready-made mix. The only time I have done it was to make shortcrust pastry and it was a disaster. I can make pastry, and while it has this home-made… rustic charm to it (it looks like someone tried to shape play-dough), it always tastes good. The pastry I made from the mix not only had the weird mangled look, it also tasted absolutely vile. I would make the cakes from scratch, but not only do I not have any cake tins with me, I also don’t have any scales, so I am limited to making cupcakes from a suspicious powder and I hate it. I am going to drown my sorrows when I am back in Nottingham by baking up a storm.

I am just going to go and cry about cupcakes and play Skyrim again now. I will just ignore all my law work until I can ignore it no longer.

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