Whoops… Sorry about that.

I promised myself I was going to write things regularly and I think this term has been fairly successful for the most part. With me actually stepping outside of the safe(ish) confines of my house at uni to the big scary outside world, I actually have things to write about. Since I have been home for Christmas though, I just seem to have completely shut down. It has been days since I socialised with anybody but my guardians and their son. I walk around the house in a zombie-like state before shuffling back to my room to pretend to work. I say pretend to work… I -am- actually doing some work now, it is just very difficult to motivate myself in a house which doesn’t lend itself to a productive atmosphere. When I am around certain people at university, I almost unconsciously find myself competing with them. I don’t go and openly size them up but as much as my friends are people I love spending time with and chilling out with, they are also my future competition and that is always somewhere in the back of my mind. I think that makes me a bit weird. I am a step away from going full on crazy and stabbing someone on the degree. “One down, hundreds to go.” I am kidding of course. I do not have any homicidal tendencies. I am far too much of a coward. Even when I am not doing anything wrong, I have a weirdly paranoid mind. I think I am going to get into trouble for no reason. Maybe I just have an unnecessarily guilty conscience. I should probably work on that. It would be so like me to confess to something I didn’t do to make someone else’s life easier.

Talking about crime… I have actually been a victim of it now. Luckily, nobody in my house was hurt but I received a rather unfortunate text the other day from my landlord telling me the house had been broken into. It is very unfortunate. Luckily, most of my valuable items are with me now. The essentials like my laptop are here with me, but the chances are, I have lost most of my DVD collection. While that isn’t exactly life-altering stuff, it still makes me nervous that it is going to happen again. It is all very annoying because the alarm being fixed would have at least alerted someone to the fact the house was broken into earlier than it was. I was thinking about the things I left in Nottingham over Christmas and all I can think about losing is my DS. It isn’t so much the potential loss of the console that bothers me. Of course, that is annoying because I cannot afford to replace it really, but it is the fact that I have spent countless hours on these games and I could have lost all of those hours I spent playing Pokemon with John, secretly trying to finish battles in Citizenship. Now I am whining a bit. I will only know exactly what I have lost when I head back. I just hope I didn’t leave anything major behind. Judging by the fact I can’t think of anything, I am assuming not.

On a completely unrelated note. I am going to choose my first challenge of the year tomorrow. I shall embark on this new journey and attempt to stick to the plan for the whole year. A WHOLE YEAR GUYS! If I manage it… It will be a miracle. I said before that I was going to start weeks on a Sunday but I have realised that starting it on one day over another makes no difference really, so I am going to start the challenges on the 1st as they should be started and then complete them by the following Tuesday. This first challenge will probably be quite a simple and easy to do one because I will be in Brighton for half the week and Nottingham the other half. Anyway, I shall wrap this up now because it is 3am and I am struggling to spell. It doesn’t help that wordpress keeps telling me I am spelling things wrong because I am spelling them in the British way.

If anybody can think of any more challenges, feel free to suggest them in the comments or on twitter. It would be great to have more challenges so I can pick and choose as the year goes on.

Everybody loves pandas, and if you don’t you are wrong *cough* Gareth *cough*. Here is a panda picture for your amusement. And by your amusement, I mean that I love pandas and because it appealed to me, it is obviously amazing. (I am joking of course… Mostly)

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