Challenge #1: Eating dinner alone.

I apologise in advance for the lack of humour in this post and for the fact it is not as interesting as some of the future challenges will be. I will try to do something amusing/different for next week’s challenge because I will be more settled in again then. That and I will have money to do things.

The idea of these challenges is to experience new things generally and this is something I have done before, many times. This week is a bit of a weird one because I only just arrived back in Nottingham and while I could have done one of these when I was home, I didn’t, so I have to do it now before the first week is up. I hardly want to start the year off by failing to do the challenge, though I was struggling to choose one to do. I was going to go for watching a completely new film but the internet in my room is the worst spot in the house to do anything. I really didn’t choose the best room in the house. While I do like the room, it is the furthest point from the internet in the whole house. It is almost impossible to be further away from it unless you go into the loft. To even write this post, I am risking certain death by sitting in the living room, which doesn’t exactly seem like a risky activity but since being back this term, I find myself increasingly nervous that someone will break in again and murder me. Anyway, I will actually start talking about the challenge now.

Eating dinner alone is something I am perfectly comfortable with. I spent almost the whole year last year eating alone so I am no stranger to it. I don’t want people feeling all sympathetic now. I might have been a loner, but I wasn’t a sad one. I don’t want to go as far as to say I enjoy my own company, but I like it a lot more than the company of some others. I have eaten dinner alone for the past two evenings and it has been nothing special. There is only so much I can do to spice up stir-fry for one. These haven’t been the most pleasant dinners though because being in the kitchen is a bit of a weird thing at the moment since it was the way the burglars got into the house. I am not totally crazy though because I am not the only one who feels nervous downstairs now. My dinners for the past two days have been cooked in record speed and then I have shut myself away again to curl up in the corner like some kind of paranoid gremlin with (amazingly tasty) stir-fry.

I feel like this is a very short post in comparison to my last post about school reports, but there is only so much I can write about eating dinner on my own. To sum it up: I have done it before; I cook well for one; I am definitely going to be murdered in my sleep. Definitely.

~Sorting out my Filofax obviously constitutes a productive day. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t been able to focus long enough to do some actual work. I am obviously not going to fail German…


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