Our poor games.

Note: A little bit towards the end of the post, there is maybe something not child-friendly. It isn’t too bad but it is funny… Until it gets creepy. And believe me… It gets creepy when you think about it.

I have been back now a few days and it is quite obvious a lot of stuff is missing now. When I was still at home in Peacehaven, I was praying that my DS wouldn’t be stolen but of course, they found it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am slightly frustrated that the console itself is missing but I am a lot more upset that the games are missing. I don’t always think about the impact gaming has on my life, or anybody else’s for that matter. You hear a lot of people complaining that video games make children violent and other things like that but I was thinking about the impact games have had on my life now. I can safely say that video games have not made me violent. I don’t get sudden uncontrollable urges to hack people apart with knives or bludgeon them to death. I (mostly) live in reality and I do know how to socialise with people, even if I sometimes avoid it. I don’t think gaming has ever really affected me in a bad way, with the exception of possibly distracting me a bit too much from my work. Take right this second, for example. About 2 and a half hours ago, I went into Jet’s room to talk to her about something as a brief break from seminar prep for tomorrow and I am still here… Taking a brief break from trying to salvage the remains of my broken leadership in Stronghold Kingdoms to write this post. I have a serious case of chocolate fingers though because Jet has chocolate in her room. Unfortunately, this means my laptop now also has chocolate smears in random places. Oh well. It could be worse.

Anyway, in my ever so clever contemplation of the effects of gaming on my life, I realised that I have invested a lot of my time in games. Jet had her copy of Skyrim stolen and I think we both have a similar mindset about this. Her PS3 and the games were stolen and my ds, psp and all the games were stolen. I think we are both less upset about the actual console; we are more upset about the games, or more specifically, the characters/save files from those games. Jet probably has as many hours as me on Skyrim and that is a lot of time and effort put into one character. I hadn’t ever really considered an emotional investment in any game but I could have cried when I realised all my Pokemon games had been stolen. All of them. The amount of effort I put into collecting all the Pokemon I could is insane. I had a legitimate shiny Froslass which a friend traded me and that is lost now. I am never going to be able to recover the save files I have for these games, some of which I have owned for years. I mean, I had a copy of Fire Red in that box that I have had for years and all those happy hours I spent trying to be the very best like no-one ever was have all gone to waste now. I am sorry if this post is whiny but I am mourning the loss of so much of my life. It is like I have lost a box of tiny children in cartridge form. How can I just get over that loss?

One thing cropped up today when a housemate was working out what was missing. I intentionally miss out the name for this part for obvious reasons as you will see. This started out funny as heck. I mean, when she said it, it was hilarious, but the more I think about it, the creepier it gets. Let me just explain. When my housemate had realised something of hers was missing, she ducked back under her bed and suddenly shouted out: “They stole my vibrator.” Of all the things to have been stolen, I cannot think of a single reason that would be taken. What possible reason is there for wanting a used vibrator? Think about it again… It gets creepier, doesn’t it? And on the note of stolen vibrators and creepy burglars, I think I will leave it there and go back to eating stolen chocolate.

My backspace key has decided to protest and is spending half the time refusing to work and the other half going into overdrive and deleting well over what I want it to.

Me to Jet: “If I was a man, I think I would grow a Hagrid beard so I could wrap lollipops into it so when I was gaming, if I needed a snack, I could just pull one out.”

4 thoughts on “Our poor games.

  1. Oh dear Lord… I can’t imagine how horrible it is to have to live in the house when you’ve been burgled. And it’s not something I would have thought about to start with, but I completely understand how attached you can get to a certain character while gaming! The thing I’d worry about most is losing my coursework – I’d have no chance to redo it!

    1. Oh god, losing coursework would be absolutely awful. It is one of those things I just would not know how to react to. I would end up a dribbling, crying mess on the floor as I watched my career plans flash before my eyes rather than knuckling down and re-doing it.

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