It’s alright everybody… It’s banter.

Once again, I find myself with an incredible case of the not-so-mysterious writing urges. I know exactly why I am suddenly coming up with so many things to say… It is a heck of a lot more appealing to me to be able to write about random things than it is to go and tackle the mountain of work that has piled up around me. There isn’t anything serious due in immediately but I am at the point where I don’t know what to start first. Well, not really anyway.

Before I go on to moan uncontrollably about the pile of work that I have that is clearly not my fault for neglecting, I just want to say that I am being bantered to death. I won’t say it is bullying… Because I quite enthusiastically return this so called banter. I have a borderline bullying relationship with one of my friends from university last year and when it is just the two of us chatting, we have some pleasant conversations about mutual interests, but we get around other people and it just goes crazy. I have grown so used to this that I don’t really consider it much anymore. The only reason I mention it now is because it caused one just hilarious moment yesterday in a seminar. She is not normally in my seminar group but due to illness, she is in our group for Admin law now and as if the banter gods were smiling down on us, we ended up in the same group. We didn’t start writing out our question for about 5 minutes because of the insults we were just casually throwing at each other as I stared at her kind of creepily across the table. Eventually, we settled down and started doing our work, which involved creating our own problem question (ours was a fictional anti pasty-tax organisation with the leader of the demonstration being Gregg). I am not really sure what was said to lead to this point, but our tutor had been stood listening to us insulting each other for a while and she suddenly chipped in… Against me. She just piped right in with: “Oh, it’s alright, Charlotte is paying Hanna to be her friend.” Everybody in the world is against me. I suppose it does make things amusing if nothing else.

I am not actually going to go on to moan about my work because once I finish this post, I have no excuse not to go and work on my German practice presentation due for tomorrow. I have to choose the topic and then speak about it for 10 minutes. I don’t think I even know enough German to fill 10 minutes. Maybe if I just talk really really slowly, I can take 10 minutes with about two sentences. I do question my own logic in taking a language alongside a law degree but it will be useful… Even if my chances of passing are dwindling down to zero. It’s fine though; the assessments for German aren’t compulsory. This is probably a good thing since I won’t even be in the UK for one.

And now… With much sadness and dread in my heart, I return to my work. Or, I am attempting to go back to my work but I keep getting distracted by the internet. I did find a good topic to do my presentation on. The EU website is already in German. I am sorted.

Oh.. By the way… I hate the word banter. It has been ruined by over-use. I died a little inside each time I typed it.


In a criminal law lecture today:
The  lecturer: “Before you go in, get your mouth working.” *stands there opening and closing mouth*
Me: *whispered to Hanna on the next chair along* “That’s what she said”

[Later in the same lecture. Warning: A few quoted swear words coming.]

Lecturer: “Shit happens. The NEC is something you should get to know about. It is something there to help you appeal against things when shit happens. Some of you won’t know about it yet, which is probably a good thing, since it means shit didn’t happen in your first year. Some of you will know it all too well… And that is because a lot of shit happened.”


2 thoughts on “It’s alright everybody… It’s banter.

  1. it has taken me this long to actually read ur blog lmao, omg charlotte u know i love you right!! keep up the blogging though it is interesting!! ur besty banter friend kiran 😉 ❤ aha x

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