It’s Chiquito Time!

My lunchLet’s talk about lunch! I am finally sitting down plugged into the internet after well over an hour of thinking about writing and listening to random vocaloid songs. Since I rarely go out to eat unless someone can verify how nice the food at a restaurant is, I thought I would share my lunch story from today so if anybody is thinking about somewhere to eat, they can learn from my experience.

I hadn’t really thought about reviewing an experience at a restaurant, but why not? I plan on eating out more so I might as well share my experiences with people. I feel very ill from the amount of food I have. If you are looking for somewhere fairly cheap to eat, I would certainly suggest Chiquitos. In the end, I spent £10 on food. It was probably just under that but I just threw a tenner in and we were done. I normally avoid eating out for lunch because I prefer going out in the evening to eat; it means I can dress up more. Anyway, we went for lunch today for Fern’s birthday… Her extremely late birthday meal. The food was pretty good for how much we paid. I am still stuffed from the amount I ate. Nachos for a starter and veggie chilli… Sounds like a great lunch, doesn’t it?

I can’t really fault the food at all. It was a generous serving, it tasted great and everyone else enjoyed their meals too. It was not the quickest service I have ever had but it wasn’t the worst either. I think there was a slight miscommunication which meant my starter arrived quite a bit after everyone else had had theirs. It did mean I could just steal some of Fern’s. She didn’t mind. It was payment for the bit of cookie she stole from me in a lecture the other day. I didn’t have any complaints about the food but that was because I had no previous experience with this restaurant. Fern did note that they had changed their menu and their recipe for cheesy garlic bread. She was not a happy camper. It was still  nice but not as nice as before apparently. I thought it was pretty tasty. Stolen food does always taste better though.

The restaurant wasn’t busy today, which probably has something to do with the fact it was 1pm on a Wednesday. I think it is probably much busier in the evenings, but again, I wouldn’t know having not been there before. If you want a massive selection for lunches, this is maybe not the best place. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few things to eat but, once again using the information I received from the ever so reliable source that is Fern, the selection used to be bigger.

Let me just go on to talk about the company now. Oh god, it left something to be desired. My friends… I just can’t take them anywhere. Hanna was fine. She is a good girl. She sits nicely, doesn’t use her phone at the table and doesn’t start throwing money around. Fern and Kiran are just so uncivilised. Throwing money around, leaning over the table, using phones… Fern telling the waiter she would wait for him to pull it out. I just sat there, not-so-silently judging them. Of course I am joking. It was a good enough lunch. I can’t exactly be picky with my friends since I am apparently paying them. Or maybe I can. No.. My budget is just not high enough.

I would definitely come back here for lunch and maybe a mango daiquiri or two. Unfortunately I didn’t get to buy one today. That might have been because I have already blown my budget for this week going out for lunch twice and buying things.. Like a new dress that was absolutely essential. I think I am going to wrap this up now.

To summarise lunch:
Food: Great taste, good portion sizes, good enough selection but not the best ever.
Service: Good enough. No real complaints.
Drinks: Did not buy any. Apparently it was too early in the afternoon for an alcoholic beverage. Party poopers… Edit: Fern would like me to add that she had no issue with drinking at just before 3 in the afternoon. As she put it: “It is 12 o’clock somewhere…”
Price: Not the cheapest lunch ever but good for how much I ate.

Apology: I don’t feel like this was the best post ever. I normally write because I have some strong desire to write about something in particular and I agreed to write this but my brain hadn’t really latched onto the idea so I was forcing words onto the page. Sorry if it isn’t quite the same quality as my normal posts.


5 thoughts on “It’s Chiquito Time!

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Chiquitos any more – I did find that their food has deteriorated somewhat over the past few years. Plus it is never to early to drink 😀 (says the girl drinking alone…)

    1. Maybe it’s a good thing I went so late on. I haven’t tasted the previous quality of their food so I can’t realise how different it is now. I agree with you on the never too early to drink point but at least one of my lunch companions disagreed with that. It didn’t take much to stop me drinking but that has more to do with the fact the cocktails were expensive as hell and I am going out for a cocktail night next week instead. Drinking to the max!

      1. Cocktails are probably the most expensive drinks, so I really don’t blame you! It’s probably best either to catch a restaurant at their highest point of awesome tastiness, or when they’ve gone past it so you never knew how good they were 🙂 My sister’s shamed me into not drinking before, which I very much regret!

      2. I don’t think there is any shame in drinking as long as it doesn’t get stupid. While I don’t understand the general student mentality that getting smashed=a good night, I do understand the appeal of a few drinks (and maybe a few more on top) with friends at a nice bar or pub.

      3. I definitely agree! I like the taste of the alcohols that I drink, and the atmosphere of the pubs that I go to have a drink in. The times I’m most likely to get horribly drunk are house parties because the alcohol is more readily available, but that’s a rare occasion. Mostly I just go for a pint and a chat like I would go for a coffee.

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