Challenge #2: Watch a new film.

This is the second time today I have actually started this post but with Fern leaning over me and pressing random keys on the keyboard earlier, I had to give up and go back to ignoring the film I was supposed to be watching.

I regularly organise film nights with various different themes and this one was supposed to be a post-apocalyptic/end of the world movie night. I thought this theme seemed appropriate when I organised the event the day before the supposed apocalypse. Two of the three films we watched today were new to me and after a heck of a lot of faffing around to try to sort out what we were going to watch the films on, we actually got started. This film night (and I use the term loosely given that we started early afternoon) was more problematic than the previous ones I have hosted. Not only did we not have anything to play dvd’s on, any films we already owned that could have been vaguely related to the theme were stolen and it was awkward trying to work out which ones to stream and whose laptop was the best. Given that my laptop takes an ungodly amount of time to stream anything, we had to rule it out. It’s a piece of crap. Not really. I am sorry laptop. Please forgive me. I love you. You understand me.

Anyway, back on the topic of the challenge, I sort of completed this. To say I watched the films completely is probably a bit of a white lie. The Book of Eli actually seemed like quite a good film… From the 15 minutes or so I actually remember watching. I don’t want to ruin anything for anybody who hasn’t seen it before so I will try to keep the details of it brief. I can’t even recommend it to anybody because I just have such a fragmented picture of the film. This might have something to do with the fact I was laughing hysterically with a friend about the copious quantities of snacks we had hoarded from the rest of the room and the snowballs (marshmallows coated in chocolate and coconut) that became our precious. Looking back on today, I think I may have looked insane. Well, even more insane than I do on a day-to-day basis. I think I was laughing at a tube of Pringles at one point for no apparent reason. The problem you have when you have a room of people is that there are always quite a few conversations going on at once and with my dirty mind and apparently selective hearing, I always seem to pick up on only the dirtiest parts of conversations, or parts that whilst innocent originally are easily twisted. I don’t remember what things came up that were so funny today, but I do remember being in hysterics for at lest 3 hours on and off. I might just be nuts. There is a good chance that is the case.

The two other films we watched today were: The Cabin in the Woods and… I literally have no idea what it is called. It looked vaguely familiar so I have a feeling I may have watched part of it before but I can’t remember if or when I did, so I am counting it as a new film. This is only so I can actually say I completed the challenge. I can’t really count the Book of Eli, I don’t think. Knowing the ending does not count as having seen the film. Even if I can’t remember the name of the film, I did pay attention to it. It had something to do with an island and clones. See, I know what happened. I win. If I ever try to watch a new film, I really need to sit away from Naomi… And not consume as much sugar. I blame her. I am obviously a perfectly normal person when I am on my own…

Just don’t ask any of my friends if that is the case. They are clearly all against me.

I do have some challenges already but it would be amazing if people could suggest more. Twitter or commenting on posts with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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