Of course I would get an itch now…

I normally don’t get particularly excited about the thought of being really girly for a night but today, it has been all I can think about as I forced myself to be productive for most of the morning. My laptop was off until quite late in the afternoon and as soon as it went on… No work was completed. I don’t know how I manage to do it, but no matter how many distractions I remove, I always find some way of going off the rails for at least 20 minutes. Today.. Well, it was quite spectacular, if I do say so myself. With my laptop crying from rejection in the corner, and the internet being so slow that I couldn’t even justify using my iPod for entertainment, I had very little on my desk which could distract me from seminar prep. Or so I thought.

I am now the proud owner/creator of a monkey and panda fan. Yes, you read that right. A monkey panda fan. Made of post-it notes. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

Anyway.. Let’s talk about girly time. Or getting ready for it anyway. I have known since yesterday what I am planning on wearing this evening. That probably makes me weird, but it is the first opportunity I have had to wear the dress and new shoes… I have to wear them. They are supposed to be for my interview in London, but I am breaking them in. Yeah… That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I don’t know whether I am really weird… Or a genius in disguise. I spent a while rummaging through my make-up and Jet’s box of wonders to try to find some nail varnish that would actually go with my outfit but for some reason, despite the ridiculous amounts of colours we have between us, neither of us had anything even vaguely golden. So, enter my crazy brain. Despite the fact I hate white nail polish alone because it looks like tip-ex, I own at least two bottles of it from manicure sets which have disappeared, leaving the white disgustingness alone with me. It was as I was staring at one of the bottles that I had a genius plan. Why not tint that myself to be a colour I can actually use? I knew I had eyeshadow that worked with my outfit and I thought, why couldn’t that work? I then proceeded to almost destroy about 3 of the colours as I scraped them onto a panda post-it note before tipping the powder into the white nail polish with a tiny splash of nail polish remover to thin it out slightly. It worked… Pretty well. The colour looks a bit weird in the bottle and isn’t as golden as I wanted it but it actually works well with the outfit. See, I’m a genius!

Now I am just staring at my almost dirty pint as I type. I will explain quickly. The only alcohol I have in the house is blueberry vodka and I didn’t have much to mix it with and in my first mixing of it, I may have been… VERY heavy handed with the vodka. It didn’t taste great. This might have been because the bottle of lemonade is from last year. Shhh… It’s cool. I am pretty sure it isn’t going to kill me. To make my drink taste slightly more bearable, I moved it to a tankard… And then topped it up with what I think was apple, grape and raspberry juice… And then a bit of WKD blue just for good measure. I am not sure any of the things I added were in date. The WKD blue is from before christmas and looking at the weird blobby texture of my drink now, I am pretty sure the fruit juice is out of date. Oh well… The vodka will neutralise that. I hope. I may have neglected to mention the potential out of dateness of my drink before forcing it on Hanna and Jet though. I don’t think they noticed. To quote Jet: “It is the nicest dirty pint in history.”

Anyway, I really should get dressed properly now since my nails are probably dry and I have managed to resist scratching any of the itches that appeared instantly after finishing my nails. I am still working on a challenge to do this week and I have come up blank with some. Any suggestions? I will probably post again tomorrow as I had a plan for a post today but I got distracted…


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