Challenge #5: Read a book you have never heard of.

I finally got around to using one of my christmas presents. I got quite a few vouchers last year and I put the amazon credit onto my account quite a while ago and I finally spend most of it on two books and some parker pen cartridges. Totally the best use of the available money. The good thing about my random book buying habits is that I will often come across random books I have never heard of, read the description and I will end up owning that book a few days later. This time, I bought a book I had heard of and one I hadn’t. I had finished the Hunger Games within about 4 hours of receiving it in the post.

The book I had not really heard of before was the Night Circus. I had mixed feelings when I was reading it. I would not say it is a bad book, but it is not one that I found myself unable to put down. It probably isn’t fair comparing it to the hunger games but it is the closest point of reference I have at the moment. The reason I had finished the hunger games so soon after receiving it was because I couldn’t put it down for more than about 5 minutes at a time. It took me about a day and a half to finish the night circus with quite a few hours where I just wasn’t reading. It doesn’t seem like a long time to read a book, but to me, a day and a half feels like a long time. I think that might just be because of how impatient I am.

The book really isn’t a bad one and aside from the occasional random flipping between years, I really enjoyed it once I got into it. I am surprised I hadn’t heard of the book before, but Amazon is pretty good at suggesting things that I might like. At the moment, most of the suggestions are related to Supernatural.

I don’t really know what else to write about this week’s challenge. I know it is really late and it is pretty much the rollover day for the next challenge, but at least I did it. I think this post is not one of my best and I fully intend to blame that on illness that is definitely going to result in death and just a severe lack of sleep at decent hours. Goodbye until I force myself to write again. I am struggling to type today. This is definitely the time to wrap it up.

*complaining about spots with Jet. We were both being too lazy to cook and we were thinking about ordering in*

Me: The junk food is definitely going to help with our spots.
Jet: Oh.. Crap…
Me: Yeah..

4 thoughts on “Challenge #5: Read a book you have never heard of.

  1. I took ‘The Night Circus’ on holiday this year to read, and I found I really enjoyed it. Like you though, it wasn’t one where I annoyed everyone by not being able to put it down! I thought it was well written though, and excellent for a debut book 🙂

    1. It really was a good book. Even if I didn’t find myself quite as drawn into it as I would have liked, I still really enjoyed the whole concept of the book and the characters are fantastic. I am a sucker for love stories too, so that definitely goes in its favour,

  2. I need to get around to reading The Hunger Games, but at the moment I’m slogging through the Game of Thrones series. One consolation to graduating this year – hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to read again!

    1. I can sympathise with the lack of time for reading. In my first year, I was so bad for not reading anything outside of law. It was only over summer that I started to read a ridiculous amount again. Uni makes it hard to find time to read a book. I really would recommend the Hunger Games though. I really liked the film but the book… I just love books so much and this one was another one which I thought was better than the film. I need to order the other books now

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