Challenge #6: Learn a new skill or craft.

It is so very late in the week that I almost can’t count this as the challenge for last week. I very nearly failed this week. I was already planning out a groveling failure post, but I managed to succeed at the last moment.

I spent a lot of the reading week.. Well, ‘learning consolidation week’ ill and this allowed me far too much time to justify browsing the internet. I really shouldn’t be writing with Jet reading over my shoulder as I post. Not only are my hands not co-operating, I now also have someone chirping random words and phrases into my ear which is proving more than a little distracting. Apparently I love it though. It’s a bit weird that she is practically sitting on my lap too.

I have spent all weekend waiting for a random assortment of items to arrive. This whole week has been like a depressing Christmas where I have just ordered everything for myself like someone with no friends. It’s totally not how I spent Christmas anyway…. Anyway, disregarding my sad sack life, I received an exciting package today. It was one of the strangest shaped parcels I have ever received and was filled with stuffing! LOTS OF STUFFING! 250g of the stuff, to be precise.

It was when I was on one of my semi-stalkerish sessions of internet browsing that I came across some dolls that a friend made of the yogscast. They are adorable. About a day before I found the image on the internet, I had decided that I wanted to create something. I often just doodle random things but recently I have been losing my creativity with how little time I make to do anything even slightly creative. I originally planned on making a patchwork quilt but within about a day, I had latched onto the idea of making myself a set of dolls of various characters belonging to friends and a few of my own.

I have not picked up a needle and thread for any reason other than necessity since about year 9 (13 years old). I have had to sew a hem or two for cadets, but that has been about it. I always hated textiles in school for the same reason I hated food tech. While I do enjoy being creative on my own terms, I hate being told things to make. It is why I could never have a job that required being creative the whole time; it would suck the joy I get from having the chance to be creative.

The doll I finally got the chance to make after waiting a great many days for all the items did not turn out as badly as I thought it would. There was a very good chance that I was going to fail at it and then just rage quit after spending quite a lot of money on various crafting goods. Fortunately, it all turned out quite well and I plan on making ALL THE DOLLS!

I would have started this challenge earlier if I had received all the materials I ordered. I might have been able to start earlier if I had actually made a list of everything I needed before ordering them in bits and pieces. Now I know.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I DID IT IN TIME! JUST! Roll around next challenge week. Let’s hope this one is done with more time to spare.

Tutorials I used (sort of):



For a first attempt, she isn’t bad. She is a tad creepy and her hair was so time-consuming. Also.. Buttons are hard to attach when you have already attached the two sides of the head together.

3 thoughts on “Challenge #6: Learn a new skill or craft.

  1. Those Yogscast dolls are the cutest! And yours is adorable too, especially for a first attempt. Thanks for including the tutorials – I’ll definitely have a go myself when I get a chance. Good job! 🙂

    1. I am so jealous of the Yogscast dolls. Aaron has some awesome dolls. The eyes do apparently get creepy though (going off what his girlfriend was saying about the ones she has).

      I figured someone would appreciate the tutorials. Saves having to do the scouting I did for good ones. Thank you for reading and commenting and thank you for not thinking my doll is awful for a first attempt ^_^

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