Challenge #7: Eat dinner with someone you have never eaten dinner with.

The original wording of the challenge on the list was: ‘Eat lunch with someone new.’ I didn’t really do this exactly as I had originally planned, but I suppose I still completed it. I actually went out for dinner on Thursday but I haven’t got around to writing anything for it until now.

Going out for dinner on valentines day? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yeah.. It wasn’t that exciting. I spent the evening with Fern. It’s hardly how I would plan to spend the day… I would rather have been playing Skyrim. Fern, I know you will eventually be reading this… And I am not joking. I keed I keed, it was good fun. The burger was tasty. I have eaten dinner with Fern many times but dinner the other day was not just with her. I am only counting it because I had dinner with 4 other people I have never eaten with before. I had met 3 of them on occasion but the fourth person was entirely new so this definitely counts.

I don’t really know what else there is to write about this challenge. It was not the best dinner I have ever had. The food was good enough but I wasn’t in the best of moods that day or the few days before so the whole day was actually quite tiring and not as enjoyable as it should have been. It really is a shame, but it can’t be helped.

I have not been writing much recently because it has been really hard to motivate myself to write and I hate writing when I am not in the mood to because I feel like my writing dramatically decreases in quality. Right now, I should not be writing because I am in the middle of a dnd session. It is becoming slowly more and more ridiculous. Pissing off an overly-powerful vampire in character was probably not the way to go. I have just lost control of my character and now the creepy overly-attached half-elf bard is never ever going to leave. I had a stalker and now I have been dominated and made to spend the night with him.

‘Are you coming? Not right now, I mean to the lighthouse.’

The inn for the town is called the ‘wet fisherman’s wife’. It’s sort of hard to take it seriously when you get sentences like: ‘he entered the wet fisherman’s wife’ and ‘it was crusty on the outside but was clean inside.’

I am going to go back to being out of control of my character. I shall write again soon if I can.

I live in a house of all girls but recently the toilet seat keeps being left open. I had my suspicions that Jet was a man.. Either that or she is a woman who has perfected the art of peeing standing up… It’s obviously not because she had her boyfriend round to stay… It was clearly her. 

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