Red Hot, Operation Clifton and Scary Mothers.

Our Monday lecture feast, complete with the elixir of life.

I don’t like the fact that when I look at my blog at the moment, it seems like I have hardly been writing aside from my weekly challenges (and even they are sometimes rushed and not as well-written as I would like them to be.) I have been struggling recently to motivate myself to do anything. It is not just writing I am really struggling with. It is probably something lacking in my diet or just how badly I sleep, but I am tired all the time which doesn’t exactly lead to my brain functioning at full-capacity. Oh well, I will just power on through, maybe invest in some solar panels for my head.

This week has actually had a few things that I could actually see myself writing about but I have just stared blankly at the screen before walking off to pretend to do something else. I thought I might as well write something now while I am thinking about stopping work for the night. Just before midnight is probably not the time to be thinking about commercial law.

Before I start to explain specific things, let’s have a round up of the week so far.

Thought I might die. Scary mother on the warpath for my blood. Avoided the house like the plague. Spent time in the library. Lectures in the day were made infinitely more enjoyable with sugar and the elixir of life.

Largely uneventful day. Spent far too long talking about bananas in EU law. Apparently Germans like big bananas.

Started to realise I am liking land law less and less because my tutor makes me feel like an idiot. Made everything better by going out for dinner in a magical new place of wonder and then went to the pub.

Operation Clifton. Days off are always good. I think I might have been involved in the planning of a crime. I really hope not.

Since I was summarising my week at a few minutes to midnight, I cannot comment. I have a house viewing tomorrow though. I will try to be on time for it. I do suck at meeting friends on time though.

I spent last year not really enjoying my living arrangements because I was living with people who had a very different idea of a good time to me and we just did not have anything in common. I had nothing against them, I just wouldn’t live with them again. Last term actually seemed to be going quite well. There were a few bumps in the road, but nothing too bad really. I suppose I did have one housemate being rude about me on her facebook where I could see it but I just didn’t care enough to respond to it. This term, things have really kicked off. The shit has hit the fan, shall we say. I did not go about things in the most mature way; I finally decided that the person in question needed a taste of her own medicine, so I complained about her in the same way she had about me on numerous occasions last term. When you have a 9am start the next day, the last thing you want is one of your housemates throwing a party on a Tuesday night without telling you and making a lot of noise at 2.30am. What transpired after this was things got very awkward and one of the other girls in the house decided to try to play peacemaker. It did not really work. It made me so angry, and I really do not get angry much. When the person who started the bitching on facebook says the comment hurts her feelings and people should say things to her face, you can understand why the hypocrisy of that statement makes me want to throw something at her. Anyway, the point of the rant there was that on Monday, during a seminar, I got a phone call and a whole host of texts which seemed strangely urgent, telling me not to go home. It turns out, the girl’s mother had ‘summoned’ me to try to tell me off. The week did not get off to a great start, to say the least.

Tuesday was a lot better though. And by a lot better, I mean that you can’t really beat an EU seminar which ends up being derailed for a while because the tutor starts talking about the banana market. My already childish brain could not control itself when I kept catching other people sniggering about how the French and the English like small bananas but the Germans prefer big ones. At some point, it also ended up the tutor talking about small, sweet children’s bananas. It got a bit disturbing from there.

I will not moan about land law now. I have had my one moan allowance about one housemate, so I don’t want to moan about everything. I shall just move on to talk about the most magical place I have ever seen… Red Hot. Oh god… It was just amazing. I have never been into a restaurant before and stopped in awe as I looked around at how much food there was. It was like stepping into a small shopping center with different stalls of food that you could just go and take. I think I was in heaven for that first moment I went in. The heart attack I was sure I was suffering from and the sugar crash I suffered later that evening made it slightly less perfect… But it was still amazing. I like going out for people’s birthdays because it is always nice to have a meal with a big group, even if you don’t know a few of them. I can’t even describe Red Hot properly. The desserts alone were just…. They made my brain nearly explode. I should not be allowed near chocolate fountains again though. I do fail. I am like a child. My plate was covered in white and dark chocolate which ended up being smeared across the plate. It was good though. It was not the cheapest dinner ever, but it was so worth it. I ate enough to feed a fair few people. It was awesome! We ended up giving a 10% tip, which doesn’t seem like a lot to begin with, but when you think there were 16 of us, we clearly made someone’s night.

The pub afterwards was pretty uneventful. Before I went out, I had been planning on finishing the seven deadly sins card from Pit & Pendulum so I could get the t-shirt, but after eating so much, there was no way I was going to be drinking that much. I got one extra stamp on it. 3 down, 4 to go. Shame I don’t like any of the other drinks. Time to enlist friends I think. I really want the t-shirt!

Anybody who has been reading my blog since October last year will know about Game City and will therefore probably at least be aware of Flerbs and therefore the NTU Dev Soc. Since just after Game City, I have been promising to go along to the Clifton campus to hang out with the guys I met, but it was only today (well, yesterday since it is now Friday) that I finally went out to the Clifton campus to chill out with them. I felt very out of place. I don’t belong in Clifton, I belong in the sprawling busy, tram-filled streets of the city centre. I still feel dirty, even now. I joke really. I did quite enjoy myself. The giant Flerb box hat I made at Game City could be seen from the corridor and the Dev Soc room is now one Flerb richer since they had board pens and space. I have made Flerbs in far too many forms. I have made a Flerb box hat, a Flerb cake and now a Flerb plushie*. To be fair, it was a gift for the guy who made the game, but that doesn’t change the fact I should probably seek professional help.

And on the note of my potentially in question sanity, I shall go off and do whatever it is I was doing about half an hour ago.

The pictures in the post from Red Hot were taken from their facebook page, since I did not have my camera with me when I was walking around picking my food. I was too busy piling my plate with marshmallows and brownies to be faffing about with a camera.

For anybody who does not know what a Flerb is, see the Dev Soc website
Red Hot is well worth a look into

*I will add the photo of the Flerb Plushie when my camera stops sulking.

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