Challenge #8: Go crazy with the make-up.

Since my iPod just died, I can’t justify lounging around anymore, so instead of immediately rushing to go and do some work, I have rushed to the hidey hole that shelters my laptop in the day and it is time for my weekly challenge. Well, time to write about it anyway. This week is another week where I have just looked at the ideas and just not felt any sort of leaning towards any of them. Sometimes in a week, an opportunity just presents itself to do something bizarre and who am I to turn down something weird and wonderful? I am not even sure last night’s activities count as wonderful; they are just weird.

Pulling an almost all-nighter last night was, in hindsight, an awful idea. Monday is not exactly my favourite day of the week when I am running at full capacity. When I am running at half-speed, it is so much worse. It doesn’t help that I have just been sulking about my skin all day. The challenge did not exactly help that matter. Throwing what felt like pounds of make-up onto skin that is used to very little caused my face to have the skin equivalent of a heart attack. It’s all good though… You know what will help? More make-up to cover up the blemishes… Or a brown paper bag. Either works.

The evening started out sort of normal. I went into Jet’s room and we just started exercising. Belly dancing and then some circuit training which Jet eventually just quit on. It all ended up going about as well as you would expect with two people trying to do belly dancing in space nowhere near large enough. Post-exercise, the idea to start playing with make-up suddenly popped up and the decision to play with it suddenly formed and there began the all night antics. To begin with, it was just blue lipstick to go with the hats we had tried to wear for exercise. It wasn’t too bad to begin with… But…. It quickly escalated…. Really escalated. It did not actually stop after our first crazy makeover though. One time was just not enough. After the crazy artistic scribblings of makeup on each other’s faces, we decided that the best thing to do was to scrub it all off… And do it again… Even better. Personally, I think I looked glorious. Never looked better. Any guy would be crazy not to want me. Don’t you think? I think the manly bandit look of my second look really is the cherry on top of the crazy sundae that is me in a nutshell.

I think everybody should definitely wear their make-up like this all the time. Night’s out would be so much more interesting if people went on the pull like this. Personally, I prefer it to the orange foundation look that a lot of people* my age seem to go around rocking these days.

Well, on the note of orange people, I think I will wrap this up for now. I can’t think of much more there is to say about the crazy faces. I do actually have a recording of the second round of crazy and I will get around to putting that on my laptop and editing it into some kind of useable format at some point. Maybe. If I don’t decide I hate my voice too much.

*(I was going to say girls, but I have seen orange boys before too)

One last thing for you; just in case you are having a really bad day…


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