Challenge #9: Write a poem

This week was unnecessarily difficult, challenge wise. I have nothing against poetry; I actually quite enjoy reading it, but I have never had any particular desire to write poetry. I did try it this week though, and it just did not go too well. Let me show you my workings:

There was a young lady from Bath,

Who skipped down the scenic route path,

She ran through some grass,

And slipped on her ass,

I couldn’t think of a rhyme.


There was a young shoe maker’s son,

Who gobbled up pinecones for fun,




There was a young mouse,

Who lived in a house

All covered in breadcrumbs and cheese

Said the young mouse to his mother one day:

“Just one nibble, oh please?”

I don’t even know what I was doing. I struggle to think of enough words to write. I hate writing poetry without rhymes. I suck with iambic pentameter. All in all, starting this challenge at about 4am was probably not the best way of going about this. In the end… I got about as far as writing a haiku, well, technically two verses in haiku form.

I cannot write poetry,
It makes my head hurt,
Challenge difficult this week.

Why did I agree to this?
I don’t even know
To get out of work, maybe?

I think.. Maybe challenge a success? I don’t really know. I will stick to my strengths and not try to pursue a career as a poet. Maybe I will just go and be a bard in Skyrim instead. Totally the same thing, right?

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