Spring, security and shopping.

I am actually prepared for the challenge this week, and by that, I mean I am not deciding what I want to do on Sunday before the turn of a new week. I am slightly dreading it but I would rather like to keep my eyebrows so it is in my best interests to do it sooner rather than later. Snowball has decided to ‘eyebrows’ the challenge, which means if I don’t do it, she gets to shave my eyebrows off… I am not so happy with that idea, so I bought some cinnamon at Asda the other day. I have been preparing my camera today for the horrible event, which will probably take place tomorrow. Enough about the challenge for now; there will be a full recording and blog post about it in the next day or two.

The first half of this week has been a busy one. Not the busiest week I have ever had but it is stressful and a bit hectic at the moment. It is a little over a week until I am heading abroad for the first time ever and while I am excited about it, I am also extremely nervous. I am not scared of flying, but I do suffer from travel sickness, so a four hour flight is looking increasingly daunting. I am particularly looking forwards to projectile vomiting around unsuspecting members of the public 10,000 feet in the air. (Note the sarcasm in my written voice.) The longest commercial flight I have ever had was 45 minutes long. We only just got up to full height before we just came right back down again. I know I don’t deal so well with flying in light aircraft, because when I was flying at cadets for more than an hour, I suddenly felt very ill, to the point that the pilot was pretty damn worried I was about to be sick and put the plane out of service for a few hours, so he just opened the canopy, as you do. As you see, my track record so far isn’t great. Fingers crossed though.

I know mid march seems like a strange time to be taking a holiday for a second year uni student. Due to a miscalculation (not on my part), we are actually leaving a week before the end of term, so the deadline I have in the last week for my land coursework is essentially a week early for me and this is more than a little stressful. I have resorted to binge eating to make myself feel better. The whole ‘eating healthy to get skinny for holiday’ thing, has just gone out of the window and I am sporting an extremely attractive squidge belly right now. This might have something to do with the fact I have consumed home-made potato wedges and a small serving of popcorn in the last hour to fuel my coursework-induced munchies. It is slightly annoying that when it comes to posting on here, I can write 500 words in about 5 minutes, but when it comes to coursework, I have the pace of about a word a minute.

Now, moving on to something else. Just after Christmas, I did a post about the burglary that took place when we were away for the Christmas holiday and in the last week, my landlord has decided to start upping the security slightly. Now, you might be thinking: “But Charlotte, surely that is a good thing? Isn’t that what you want?” In short, yes it is, but let me just explain. First of all, we have complained a few times about not being able to lock our doors, which I don’t think is an unreasonable concern considering what happened during the winter break. Our landlord has just been turning this idea down since the start of the year and even the CSI guy and the policeman sort of looked a bit confused as to why there weren’t bolts on each door. Okay, so last week, we got a letter from our landlord saying he was coming to put bolts on our door and to sort out the back garden. ‘Bolts?’ We cried happily to ourselves as we danced around the living room in glee. Yeah…. Sounded great… Not so much. Our concern was about our doors being unlocked when we were away, and how easy it was for someone to get into each room when the house is empty. Our landlord’s response: put chains on the door that can only be locked from the inside. Well done… Well done there… That is exactly what we wanted. I don’t know whether to bang my head against the wall or just chain myself in my room for the rest of eternity, crying and cradling my laptop to keep it safe. Oh well… I guess it just means finding a safe house for my laptop while I am away. I am already preparing myself for the 10 days without it.

Moving away from my sad attachment to my laptop, we can talk about shopping now. I am obviously totally justified in spending lots of money on a holiday wardrobe. With British summers not really getting above mild temperatures at best, all of my summer clothes are more suited for a Tenerife winter. There was a serious problem right there. I don’t deal well on hot days in the summer here, I don’t know how I am going to deal with the temperature constantly being in the 20’s for 10 days. I am going to melt.. And burn… And lobster red is not an attractive shade on anybody. Well, for the first few days, my ghostly pale legs and arms are going to blind anybody who looks my way so at least I have a defensive mechanism for those international rapists I have been worrying about constantly for the last few weeks.

Completely unrelated to anything: Cineword in Nottingham obviously hates me. The last two times I have been there to try and watch a film. they have been sold out of the films I want to see. They are clearly just plotting against me. Last night, I was so mad because Snowball and I waited to buy our tickets to see if we could get an Orange Wednesday code and when we got to the front of the queue, literally the second before we asked for tickets, the screen behind the cashier flashed up as sold out. I nearly had a temper tantrum right there. On the way back to our home-made horror movie night, we ended up with 3 Orange Wednesday codes. I think the whole universe is just against me. Turns out Sinister and Paranormal Activity are actually pretty good horror movies. Sinister got a few good jumpy screams out of the pair of us and watching Paranormal Activity 2 when you are dozing off is a bad plan. I kept waking up at dramatic moments, jumping out of my skin. Also… Blair Witch is just not what I was expecting. I was so bored. Same with the Stepfather. At least now I know.

And now… I shall wrap this post up. It feels very long. I shall return in a ball of blazing cinnamon glory in the next day or two!

I think Fern was just shopping through me this week so she can steal my clothes in the summer. I am onto her…

2 thoughts on “Spring, security and shopping.

  1. Cineworld is evil – go to the Broadway instead! You can get student tickets for under a fiver there, and the seats are way more comfortable. Good luck with the deadline, I feel your pain on how slowly coursework writing can go! Especially with sodding referencing… 😦

    1. Oh god… Referencing… I always just have the house referencing guide up and I have learnt to reference as I go now. It’s tedious but takes less time in the long run.

      I will look into the Broadway! I was trying to work out if there was another cinema but I couldn’t think of one. I know the cinemas in Brighton but not Notts. Now I know though 🙂

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