It’s not theft if you don’t steal the bush.

For me, it is technically the last week of term now. I was slightly worried about telling some of my seminar tutors that I won’t be there for the last week. The weird thing was, one of the people I was most afraid of telling was pretty much cool with it. On the other side of it though: the person I thought would be okay with it really wasn’t.

Anyway, it is strange for anybody to think of theft as an amusing subject. Of course, I do not think the offence of theft is funny, but the seminar I just had on it was bizarre. The scenario entailed some really intense garden rage. I hear gardening is really serious business in some circles.

Part of the Theft Act allows for the picking of wild flowers and according to my tutor, that definitely extends to flowers in a garden too. In the scenario, the woman had stolen a rose bush from her rival and that was all well and good since it had been severed from the land. She probably has it in a vase somewhere now. The whole bush.

Well, if she had been smart about it, she could still have all the flowers, could still have ruined her rival’s garden and it wouldn’t have been theft. If the picking of a flower isn’t theft, she could just go and pick every flower and every leaf from the bush and it would be fine.

You guys could go out and pick every leaf or every flower out of a garden and just drop them right outside the gate and it wouldnt be theft. It is definitely trespassing and probably criminal damage, but it’s fine… It’s not theft.



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