Challenge #11: Karaoke

I don’t think this challenge needs much explanation. I completed this challenge about 24 hours ago now, but I have spent the day rushing about sorting out last minute packing arrangements, traveling to our destination for the night and generally just stressing about travel.

The karaoke was something I hadn’t really planned on doing as a challenge, but my bucket list is a source of many challenges, I suppose. I can use them when an opportunity presents itself or I am really stuck for challenges. Friday night required a great many drinks beforehand. I do not sing in public at all normally and trying to convince people to sing required a lot of bribery with the promise of at least 3 bars beforehand. I think in the end, people tended to enjoy themselves. I have a segment for the end. Nuggets of wisdom #2. I learnt a great many random things last night.

Let me not waffle. I would have waffled but I managed to lean across the keyboard and replace everything I had typed with a string of ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’ which could not be undone. I am suffering from last night. I am urban Jesus but I am suffering the after effects of the night. Walking home barefoot was a bad plan but it was less of a risk to my health than wearing the shoes. I had already managed to slip over, give myself blisters and take out at least two of my friends. Not all too successful to be fair. At least the karaoke itself was a slight success. We did Don’t Stop Believing and managed to enlist a random guy into our group. He was strange. New best friend material right there though. I have at least one clip of our singing which I would put up but that requires actually finding my camera wire. I will upload it at some point though because if I don’t, Fern will murder me if I don’t. Fern, when you are reading this, I will put things up when I get back from Tenerife. Don’t fret, loser ~x.

One of the conditions to Fern helping me complete this challenge was that she had an honourable mention on here. So here it is… Honourable mention. Kidding. I really am grateful though Fern. I would have felt too awkward to do it on my own, so I am forever in your debt. I am obliged to both Snowball and Nambaggins too. Together we formed clearly the greatest band you will never hear of.

To quote Nambaggins. “that was the most exciting night of nothing ever.” It was strangely dramatic once we got back from our karaoke session. Original plan was to have a horror movie session with pizza. Got around to ordering the pizza at about 3:30 am and we were just trying to decide on a horror movie to watch… And all the power cut out and there were just alarms everywhere. I was pretty convinced the zombie apocalypse had hit Nottingham. I still couldn’t motivate myself to move. They could have eaten me and I wouldn’t care. The power eventually came back on and we had pretty much lost hope for the pizza. When we went to walk Snowball home at about 6am I suddenly got a phone call. “I am here.” I suddenly hung up and I had a minor hissy fit in the street and basically wimped out and held out until I was sure the pizza man had left. 2 and a half hours to deliver pizza. What the hell?! We didn’t even get any food. Sad times.

I think I have to give up on this post now. Had lots of funny things to write… Sort of lost them all when I left the post this long and had some drinks this evening. Advance warning now: I will be in Tenerife for 10 days so there is a very good chance I will not write a single post while I am away. It is entirely dependent on internet access though. I will try to find a suitable holiday themed challenge while I am away but there is a chance it might be a missed week. We shall see, I suppose. Let me leave you now with my nuggets of wisdom.

Nuggets of wisdom #2

  • Wedges are awkward to wear if you don’t walk like a normal person. If you roll your feet outwards when you walk like I do, the way the heels are designed makes them a royal pain in the… foot. I nearly died… Multiple times. Pretty sure I looked a lot more drunk than I was. My clumsiness is not helped by heels. Note to self: always wear flats.
  • There will always be someone on a night out who doesn’t have ID. Weed them out early.
  • Don’t become urban Jesus. It hurts. Frozen feet are not fun. Puddles are though.
  • Cutting yourself on a bar is both nearly impossible and apparently strangely achievable for me. I am not surprised though. It is more possible than cutting myself on a bathroom tap… I think I am cursed. The zombies have taken over my knee and my thumb.

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