It’s fine… Being a weirdo is sort of my job.

I feel like I owe people an apology. I had an excuse for not writing up until I got back from Tenerife, but that excuse ran out a week ago. I have been suffering from a serious case of writers block and just about everything else block as well for that matter. I did start a post about Tenerife on Monday but I don’t feel like it is ready to be posted, mainly because I haven’t actually finished it yet. Today is just going to have to be a day I talk about nothing again, as I do most days.

I am a little upset that I have missed out on a few challenges because of holiday but I will eventually make up for them by doing an extra challenge in random weeks. I will have done the equivalent of one a week by the end of the year. I did actually manage to do one random challenge on holiday, in the form of the Gangnam Style dance. A nearly empty bar totally counts as a public place, right? It doesn’t matter that only one stranger actually saw. Whether I did the whole dance is up for debate but I gave it a jolly good try and that is the important thing. No video evidence though… Probably for the best.

It is probably not a good thing that going to Asda was the first time I have been out of the house in two days. I was telling Hanna that if not for the fact I needed food, I probably wouldn’t leave the house for many more days. I am far too happy just stewing in my own loneliness. It’s cool though. I made up for the fact I haven’t been out of the house in days by going to the shops in what I can only describe as Dennis the Menace socks. They reach just above my knees, are stripy red and black and definitely did not go with my outfit. Hanna was trying to be diplomatic in calling them different, then interesting, then unique. I offered in quirky because it at least makes it sound like a slightly good thing. I don’t think people I know think I am normal, so why should complete strangers? Alice- stupid dress

I spent at least a few hours yesterday making chibi characters on a chibi maker I found. When I find random things on the internet I can’t help but spend a ridiculous amount of time on them. It is like the square face maker all over again. I am just going to leave this post with some chibi adorableness and a picture of red velvet cake. I decided a girly afternoon of stuffing our faces with food tomorrow required some cake. I have also decided next time, I am not using cake mixture. Crumbly cake was crumbly… It made icing it awkward as heck. Spraying it silver was obviously not a way of hiding the crumbs in the icing…

Neither was the red sugar…


Things you probably don’t need or want to knowEating: Nothing. Feeling sick from the amount of icing I managed to consume whilst baking.
Drinking: Nothing because I finished my tea :c
Listening to: Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby.. No… Now Disney songs.
Thinking about: Having an intense internal debate about the merits of working at this hour or playing the sims again.


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