It’s fine… It wasn’t fatal.

I don’t know what it is, but I have a horrible talent for injuring myself in ways that leave my friends baffled. I am sort of cursed and horribly clumsy when I am just walking about the house or on the way to uni. It is only Thursday and there are already numerous injuries and moments of terror from this week. Since Tuesday I have managed to injure myself at least three times and have fallen over at least once. Normal people might accidentally cut themselves with knives or other similarly pointy utensils but I managed to cut myself on a desk… Yes, you read that right: a desk. Oh, but that is not the weirdest injury I have had this week. If you want to hear the weirdest… I managed to burn myself on a toaster. I think that tops everything. I now have shiny burnt skin on my poor thumb. It’s alright though, because the boo boo on my thumb is nothing compared to the whopping great bruise on my left leg and the swelling of my right leg from falling up a set of stone steps outside a supermarket on Tuesday. This is why I avoid leaving the house on my days off; I am just asking for trouble when I step into the open air. I managed to fall off the curb into the road the other day as well. I also managed to fall down a set of stairs today but managed to stay upright thankfully.

I don’t think there is much else for me to say about my injuries. I regularly injure myself in creative ways without even realising sometimes. I have a deadline tomorrow for my moot skeleton but I handed it in today to get it over and done with. I enjoy mooting but this skeleton has been driving me absolutely bananas. It’s bananas.. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. And now that is in my head. ANYWAY… Aside from my moot skeleton which may or may not be awful, I also have an interview next week for another law firm. Placement stuff has been a source of a lot stress at the moment but what will be will be. I will do my best to get a placement and if I don’t get one, I would be a bit disheartened, but there are worse things that could happen. I am slightly angry that part of the reason I didn’t get an interview for one firm is because I didn’t put my predicted grade on my CV. The reason for this: we don’t get given predicted grades and yet… The people who were pulled in for interview had predicted grades on their CV’s.. Hmm… Grrr.. It was the placement I first applied to that I was really excited about as well. I am excited about my interview next week as well though. Interviews are scary but extremely beneficial. I just hope this one actually goes well enough to land me the job. Fingers crossed.

One last thing and I will stop waffling. Since I changed the theme on my blog, I appear to have lost half of the challenges I originally had so I am running very low on weekly challenge ideas. I am a few weeks behind but I will catch up on them eventually. What I need now is new challenge ideas. I would be eternally grateful to anybody for challenge ideas.


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