New phone… Finally.

About a week ago, my phone randomly decided to stop working for no apparent reason. I am surprised it has lasted this long, if I am honest. It was starting to reach the point of death anyway with the back randomly falling off when I manhandled it. This might have something to do with the fact II am unable to stop myself from dropping phones. It is why I could never have an iPhone.

I was messed about a bit for my new phone, with it being delivered a week later than it should have been. I don’t know who was at fault for that but somebody messed up. After an hour on the phone with Carphone Warehouse though, I finally got my new phone yesterday. Now… Everybody knows how tedious updating your new phone can be with all your old contacts and you know you have to send out that generic ‘I have a new phone text’ that (in my case) nobody wants to receive. And because I am possibly not quite right in the head, I couldn’t just send a text saying ‘here is my new number.’ I had to do this:

New number

And of course now my old phone has started working again. Just my luck. Hope you all appreciate the Hunger Games reference. I am now the proud owner of a violin. I don’t play the violin. I am also about 90% sure there are aliens in my garden. If I don’t post again in the week, it is because I have been abducted for probing. Mourn me…


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