Interview woes.

I had my second interview for a placement yesterday and I got my feedback today and unfortunately I was unsuccessful again. This one is more frustrating for me because I was so close. I actually got feedback from this firm and apparently I interviewed well… But not well enough to get one of the jobs. It is getting more and more stressful as the year goes on. I would try to derive some humour from the situation but there aren’t even any amusing anecdotes from the day. I didn’t fall down a flight of stairs like my first interview and there wasn’t a whole day in a different city to fill with random hijinks. Anyway.. I dislike moaning for a whole post so I will move on to grovelling for a bit.

It has been weeks since my last post because of holiday and uni and various other factors. I don’t have a solid excuse for not doing weekly challenges but at the moment I am struggling to find challenges I can easily do in a small space of time so I am taking a break until the end of exams from the challenges. It doesn’t mean they are going to stop forever, it just means I have one less thing to focus on during revision and placement searching. I will make it up to everyone by doing extra challenges over the summer so there are still exactly the amount there should have been. I do still need more suggestions for challenges though.

In other unrelated news, my violin has now been dispatched from China, which is fantastic news. I was obviously thinking about it last night because I had a dream I was playing a very large, very heavy violin in what looked like a sweet shop or potion shop. It was odd.

I am going to cut off now because all the humour I have pulled from the week has been sucked out of me by the black cloud of despair and failure that has started hanging over my head. One interesting fact though: It has been scientifically proven (by me) that chocolate pop tarts are the perfect balance of sugar and happiness and should be included in your diet if you have experienced/are experiencing one of the following:

  • Rejection in any form
  • Bad moods
  • Loneliness
  • PMS
  • Grumpy Cat Syndrome (similar to bad moods, including strange facial expressions)
  • Annoying housemates (if the pop tart fails to improve your mood, straight out of the toaster, they are about as hot as the sun so I find they make an extremely effective ranged weapon.)



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