Ship my pants.

I don’t really have a proper post to write today. Lounging around the house tends not to create a great many adventures to write about. Improbably injuries, yes, exciting tales of success and epic travels, not so much. There isn’t really much for me to write about since there is very little going on in my life aside from the possibility of starting a YouTube channel with a couple of friends. I did get approached by a very colourfully dressed woman yesterday who had to start her sales pitch again because she tripped over her words so badly that we all stood staring at her like we had no idea if she was even speaking English. Apparently I also have a perfectly melon shaped head. Not sure what to make of that one. Anyway…

I actually wanted to share something with you all. I have watched it so many times. Gets me every time. Just watch:


“I just shipped ma bed!” Every time…


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