Challenge #13: Go out 3 nights in one week.

It has been such a long time since I have actually been able to write or do any sort of challenge. Almost all of my assessments for this year fell within a month, with courseworks being followed by mooting and exams almost straight after. It is a miracle I managed not to have a breakdown. It is not just blogging that has taken a back seat: almost everything has. I haven’t been able to edit the videos I was supposed to to try to start up the YouTube channel properly and I haven’t made anything in what feels like forever. My original plan for challenges was to make up for all the weeks I have missed by doing doubles over the summer but that plan has fallen through now since I have less than 2 weeks of summer before I start my placement.

Anyway, I won’t waffle too much because my brain might just fizzle out. I finally got around to doing one of the challenges Fern suggested months ago. I will admit I was putting this one off given my usual aversion to clubs and other loud, crowded, hot places. I suppose I sort of did this challenge before when I was on holiday but it doesn’t really count in my mind, so I did it this week, starting straight after the end of exams.

I think this week has been one of the first times I have felt like a normal university student, and by normal, I mean: I went out on one of the big Nottingham nights out dressed up in a toga and that felt like an ordinary wednesday. I finally braved Ocean, which I had heard terrible things about, but I actually found the night was a good laugh. I mean… It’s kind of hard not to have fun in a toga type dress with a cape. I don’t know why I don’t dress like it more often.

The other two nights were less eventful. Both times I felt like sleeping more than going out but I went out and socialised like a semi-normal person. It is another successful challenge out of the way and now I can spend my last week in Nottingham not speaking to anybody and just playing games. I really hope my new expansion pack arrives for the Sims… I mean… I obviously don’t enjoy playing God with tiny people… Honestly….


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