Defensive Procedure 101.

garlic-pressI don’t know what started my thinking about burglars the other day, but I found myself looking about the shoebox I live in to come up with some sort of defensive procedure if a crazed murderer wielding an axe broke in while I was there. Maybe it was writing up the list of things that were stolen over Christmas that got my brain gears a-whirring.

I have realised that duck and run is not really an option… The windows in my flat take so long open that the crazy axe murderer would already have hacked off both my legs before I even reached the latches.

This got me thinking about those defensive procedures. Let’s face it; grabbing a knife is so overdone and you probably aren’t as intimidating with that bread knife as you think you are. My new first choice for a weapon in my kitchen… The garlic press. Come on.. He (or she) won’t be expecting that. You go grab for that; the burglar won’t know what (is about to) hit him. Genius.

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