I’ll put a spell on you.

Because I am feeling particularly lazy today, to the point I didn’t even bother to start the sentence with a word that wasn’t ‘because’, I have decided not to write anything particularly long-winded or even personal in any way. 4 hours of training and a bad night’s sleep left me with the vacant expression of someone who has just given up for the day. That coupled with my zombie face in the morning sans any sort of masking mechanism (ie makeup) left children screaming in my wake as I walked home from work. At least one person crashed their car before running off screaming that the zombie apocalypse had started and we were all doomed.

Anyway, despite all this, because of the type of person I am, I have shared below a video that will change you. However bad your day has been; now it is fine. You are now staring at the screen (having watched it) with a look of utter amusement and everything bad seems trivial… Or you are considering checking yourself into the nearest safe facility to rock yourself back and forth as your try to tell yourself he cannot come out of the screen, and no, he wasn’t looking straight into your soul… Promise…



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