My Adventure Book

I was thinking about my bucket list at work today while I stared blankly at the screen, trying to stay awake. There are very few things I have crossed off, and a whole bunch of things I have not added to it. I was thinking about it because the day before yesterday, I decided that I was going to kill two birds with one stone and go to Europe to travel for a month with no plans. After about 5 minutes, I then decided that going State side could also be quite good fun and then a friend threw Thailand into the mix. The more I think about it, the more I have decided that for next year as a 21st birthday present to myself, Europe is the way to go. I am sure I want to go somewhere for a month, but I don’t necessarily want to stay in one place for a month and in the States, I would be pretty tethered to one place if I only went for a month. I have a big plan in my mind to one year take a year out and road trip across the States but that is an adventure for planning another day… Or year… Or decade.

Anyway, so leading on from these travel skeletons (I am reluctant to call them plans since I only have the basic framework of an idea and no confirmed travel companion yet), I got to thinking. What would I want to do if I did go for a month? I want to go with no set plans but with a rough idea of things I could see, and would maybe saunter over too if I was passing by. The Eiffel Tower perhaps? Maybe the Trevi Fountain? There are so many things I want to see and do that there is no way mental retention unit 1 (my brain) could keep track of everything and still keep me a mostly functioning human being. So today, my brain came up with an idea after a discussion about animated films. I did not consciously think, “Oh, the Adventure Book from Up would be a really good idea”, I just think the dusty uninhabited part of the mental retention unit came up with that itself and threw it into existence. I now have a book. Not just any book. An adventure book. My very own adventure book. No, it isn’t leather bound and fancy. No, it doesn’t have anything stuck into it. No, I didn’t steal it from work. Okay… I might have taken it from my desk since work has a stationery cupboard we have free access to which set my inner stationery kleptomaniac into a blissful seizure when I was told. Anyway… Aside from my possible mental problems regarding office supplies, I present to you a rather crappy quality picture of my Adventure Book.

TADA! Magnifique, non? Since I am entirely unable to do things like a normal person, I also had to sign it like some sort of weirdo. And not just sign it… Make a pledge. I should be in a home… *le sigh*

I, Charlotte Mary Ash (born 24th August ****), do hereby solemnly swear, to try to complete every task; to visit every place; to meet every person; listed in this book before I die. *aside* Slightly depressing in retrospect

Life, for all its shortcomings and hardships, is an adventure we can only embark upon once, and it is for this reason and many more that I take this first step in making it an adventure to cherish always.

On this day, the 16th of July 2013, I begin my adventure book.


*Insert crazy ass signature squiggle here*

Reading this back again… I think I probably should be in a home and I definitely should not be allowed to go on a jolly jaunt across Europe unsupervised… Oh well, Europe will recover eventually.

The only thing I have to worry about now though is how I am going to pay for all this if I don’t save enough… Lottery, don’t let me down.

*I would like to point out the lottery is not a particularly reliable source of income and this is the first ticket I have bought. I am not so optimistic about my chances, but here’s hoping I wake up a multi-gajillionaire tomorrow.*

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