My week (so far) in pictures

Since my motivation to write is being sapped by heat that is somewhat akin to sitting in hell, I am just going to be lazy and post pictures today.


At work, I was trying to work out how many lottery tickets you would need to buy to get every combination of numbers. This was the image I had in my head (obviously with lottery tickets instead of post-it notes)
God knows why this picture exists, but if you can find a creepier picture of someone eating beans, I would suggest you BURN IT. NOW!
I should probably be offended that when a friend saw this picture, he immediately thought of me… But how can you be offended by such a cute picture? I am also unable to dispute his point since I managed to injure myself on a brownie…
I love the sun the much as the next person… Wait… No I don’t… And this is why. What the hell is wrong with people? As if melting in the hot, sticky English ‘heatwave’ wasn’t enough, you have to go cram yourself in the middle of a sea of sweating, jiggling, blinding white English flesh? That is definitely my idea of a good afternoon too. I am just so sad that I am not plonked in that square foot between the teenagers and the man with the glorious shining head…



On a final (actually written) note, my work has decided that since we are in the midst of a ‘heatwave’ it is another dress down day tomorrow. First thing after receiving the email I sat and basked in the awesomeness before realising: 1) I can’t wear shorts since they are against dress code so things are unlikely to be any cooler than coming to work in uniform; 2) Now I have to work out what to wear…. Damnit…



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