Happy 2014.

Dun dun duuuun… Cue dramatic music, or perhaps something fitting for a resurrection. I have been the most dreadful person in the world for writing regularly. I think the exact same thing happened when I first started this blog. I was ever so excited to write, things seemed exciting and hey, my life seemed amusing to write about. Then it didn’t. And I stopped. And then it picked up again, and for some reason, I found myself writing a lot. And then I didn’t. It is a recurring theme in my endeavours. Choose a hobby, become very excited about it… For about 5 minutes. It is an expensive way of doing things, I do not advise it. I am going to share some of my favourite non-starters for the year. Hobbies and activities I wanted to do… And just failed at.

  • Making dolls. While this one wasn’t so much a fail in itself, the only thing I gained from it was copious amounts of very suspicious feeling stuffing, random offcuts of fabric… And two slightly creepy, button-eyed dolls… That don’t have any clothes. Yes. I have naked chibi dolls in my room because I decided that making clothes for them was difficult.
  • Playing the violin. This one was definitely a fail. Do not impulsively buy instruments… Especially if you have never even touched one before. Yes, the violin was very pretty. Yes, it was very cheap. Yes, I managed to cut my hand open snapping one of the strings… No, it doesn’t sound like someone is murdering cats when I attempt to play. Oh wait…
  • Creating my ‘adventure book’. Using stolen stationery from work.. I mean… Legitimately acquired stationery… I decided to make a book, a physical bucket list if you will. I drew out the adventure book sign on the front… Filled in the first page… Aaaand nothing. It is still on my kitchen counter. And by the kitchen counter, I mean the counter that is part of my bedtchen? Kitched?  My flat is multi-purpose. And about the size of a hobbit hole.
  • Starting a YouTube channel. Yes.. Let’s not get into that. I think I made one or two videos with Naomi and then just got sick of how slow my laptop is to edit things. This could have been sorted with a good editing programme, but no. I just bailed on it. Good show.
  • The weekly challenges. Went well for about 7 weeks… Just failed after that. I failed so hard. No excuses for it either.

My 2013 was not entirely bad though. I mean, it wasn’t all good, but it definitely wasn’t all bad. I have had worse years. Oh, boy, have I had worse years. Let’s go through the good, the bad and the ugly of this year, and no, I am not just talking about Fern when I say the ugly… Though she does top that list.

The Ugly

I think the ugliest moments of this year hinged around housemates, as they so often seem to in university life. There is only so much time you can spend around certain people before you want to pull their hair out and fill their room with silly putty. A word of advice for anybody living with others: Do not, under any circumstances, however sure you are a housemate is out, talk about that person outside their bedroom door. You will be opening the very doors to household hell. You will never fix your problems. And parents get involved. Things get nasty. Just don’t. You want to? No. I warned you. Don’t come crying to me when you are cowering under your bed because someone’s parents are banging on your door and looking for you or hiding out in the library because one of your friendly housemates has just sent you a text saying “don’t come home, there is a parent manhunt out for you.”

The Bad

I think most of my bad is covered in the ugly. I can’t complain, or rather, I probably could, but I won’t. It feels insulting to people who really have had a crappy year.

The Good

For me, I think my most notable ‘good’ thing was getting my first proper full time job in a law firm. The circumstances behind the start date weren’t exactly ideal. I mean, getting a phone call in the middle of exam period saying “Oh, can you move to an entirely new city and start a new job… In 2 weeks.. Oh, if that is too hard, we can make it 3… But we won’t like you very  much for it” is not exactly perfect, but it worked. I found a flat (teeny tiny…), I moved up to Leeds and I got on with it. It worked out. I love the job, I am good at the job, I have my foot firmly wedged in the door.

I got to go abroad for the first time in 2013. The holiday wasn’t perfect and I still need to pay for most of it, but it was one heck of an experience. I went in a yellow submarine. Yes, that is right, be jealous. I went up a volcano in a cable car and I got disgustingly sunburnt within about 5 minutes of touching down in Tenerife. And I found that a random woman in the toilets knew my name. No joke. Ran into her in the loos and she went: “You’re Charlotte aren’t you?” Erm.. Yes, creepy potential murderer toilet lady. Yes I am. And then commenting about how pale my skin was in comparison to my dark hair. I think she was about 5 seconds away from sniffing me. Also, turns out Spanish men are very curious about peeling sunburn skin. It was not my best moment.

I passed the second year of uni. Better marks than my first year. First in my moot. Good first too. Got through to the semi-finals of the mooting competition (only to then have to skip out on the semi-finals for an interview… For a job I didn’t get.)

Now looking at this year, I am content. I wouldn’t say I am perfectly thrilled with how the year went. I could have got more out of it. I always could get more out of the time I have, but I didn’t entirely waste the year. Now, to look forward to the year ahead. There is little I can change about 2013, so I just have to focus on what I can do in 2014 to make it better. I am not even going to start making resolutions because I am so very sure that I will not stick to a single one… As has been the case EVERY YEAR.

What I am going to do is say the things I am going to do in terms of activity. I want to make myself accountable. In the next 3 months, I am going to go on a holiday. Somewhere. I haven’t decided where. I am going to see what is cheap and what is interesting and just go. Bye bye work, see you in a few days. At the moment, I am thinking Rome. I am also going to apply for an internship that has come up for next summer in New York. I will.

Maybe this year I will even take up some of the failed hobbies again. I might make some clothes for the creeper doll, or finish learning to  play the violin to a basis standard… Or.. You know… I hear the glass harp is pretty good fun…

Happy 2014 to anyone who has braved their way back out of morbid curiosity. I hope those of you still in 2013 are making the most of the fact you live in the past.

And to welcome you not so gently into 2014, have a nice dancing Ostrich and man with an egg to set you off on the right foot.


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