Selling yourself… It is a very difficult skill.

There is something disgusting about looking over an old CV. If you haven’t looked at it for a while, there is a heavy sense of dread trying to click open that document that hasn’t been edited since 2005. Luckily, when I opened mine, it had been under a year since I had last edited it, but that didn’t make it that much easier.

Setting up a meeting with two of my colleagues turned out to be both a fantastic thing and an awful one. It is incredibly difficult to get your own CV perfect. There is just something about it that no matter how much you read over it, you will never see it perfectly with the eyes of someone who would want to hire you. I went into work with what I thought was a semi-decent CV (it managed to get me my placement, did it not?) and left work with a thoroughly abused and scribbled on sheet of paper. One that I am still trying so hard to decipher. Is that a ‘N’ or a ‘V’?

I am sure a great many people have experienced the horrors of a CV. I am sure there is someone somewhere sitting there basking in the fact they have never had to write one. Well, for us common folk, it is just something that you have to grin and get down to. There is a fine line between selling your skills and just being entirely full of yourself. A fine line between being smart, and being an insufferable know it all. With law, there are also further struggles. You have to have work experience, which nobody will offer you without work experience, you need to be smart, willing to volunteer, passionate about things, commercially aware, politically aware; you need to know what colour underpants Lord Bingham (rest his merry mind) was wearing when he was made Knight of the Garter in 2005. Or maybe he was wearing garters… You should know that, you switched on law students, you.

You should also have 15 different interests outside of law. I mean… How can you become the nice, rounded, perfectly aware, perfectly graded graduates you are supposed to be without being in the exec for a committee as well as playing three sports and taking up knitting too? If you aren’t doing all these things, well, you just don’t have ‘it’. If you don’t know what ‘it’ is, just leave now. We all do. IT. That thing you need but will never have.

In this horrible quest to sell myself that I am currently going on, pending many deadlines for mini-pupillages, I think it may just be easier to start standing on street corners with placards saying “will work for law favours.” It might be easier.



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