Being back at university is a world of its own.

I wish I could say I have kept to the numerous promises I have made myself and various people that I would write on a regular basis, but I can’t. Well, I have been writing on a regular basis, but not on this platform, which is what people actually care about. I say this loosely because I think it is only really Fern who cares and only in a limited capacity when she is bored or killing time or if I have mentioned her by name in post.

I am a little delayed by my back to university post, but only by a few weeks. It’s still in the realms of current affairs in my life. I have been back in Nottingham for the best part of 2 months, but that is neither here nor there. 2 months since I left my placement firm and it feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like it has been the longest time since I spoke to most of the people I spent all day Monday to Friday with. I should probably change that… But I won’t. I am terrible with communication.

When I was in my last month at work in August, I was utterly convinced I was going to hate being back at uni. I was going to miss the steady income (which I do), I was going to miss the people (again, I sort of do), I was going to miss the structure of the day (….getting into the realms of complete crap here) and I was going to miss the work (I do, surprisingly, I just don’t miss the constant phone calls. I hated the phone with a passion.) I am not going to talk about my placement because that is a whole other post I have already briefly covered before and the whole potential breach of confidentiality thing if I write too much puts me off. I don’t want to be sued.

In the month I still had off preceding my return to university, I feel I achieved quite a lot. I learnt despite my natural appalling dance abilities, I absolutely destroy at Just Dance. I found myself an admirer in Spain… Who was twice my age. I also learnt that Cranium is a fantastic game… If you have friends you don’t mind screaming at. “WHY CAN’T YOU TELL THAT WAS A CHAUFFEUR? I CAN’T SEE HOW I COULD HAVE MADE IT ANY CLEARER WITH MY EYES CLOSED…” (Please see below for the actual chauffeur picture.) I did model the Taj Mahal out of the dough and that was guessed, so I must just be a pro sculptor.

I also learnt that I can, in fact, live with Fern. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t anticipate any problems, but it is never a guarantee that living with people will go smoothly, no matter how well you get along. It’s all good though; Fern comes as a package with Elliot and he cooks and cleans, so he is a winner in my books. That, and I think his dance moves on Just Dance might be the best thing that has ever happened to the flat.

I suppose the important reflection to consider so far is: what have I done since being back at university itself? Well, I have learnt that mooting is going to cause me to lose my hair, projectile vomit over a judge or just have a spontaneous breakdown. It might be a combination of all three. I have also managed to ruin someone’s degree by ‘making someone get all arty again.’ In my own defence, all I did was ask for one picture a few weeks ago, before uni had even started… Then I started doodling all over the place.. then Naomi got her tablet involved and decided to draw for me. There was no forcing. It isn’t my fault she is now spending all her time drawing.. I  take no responsibility, but I won’t complain if she decides to draw EVERYTHING FOR ME. I’m her number one fan after all.

Speaking of all things Naomi, she basically lives in the sofa boat in our living room. We all worked out pretty early on that if you push the sofas together they become a magical squishy boat. She sleeps there now… It’s fine though, because she also cooks, and in the world of Fern and Charlotte, food makes up for pretty much everything.

I will wrap up this post by sharing one love I have rediscovered since leaving work and heading back to uni…

Naps. I have ruined my sleeping pattern over a few days and now I am tired all the time.. But nothing quite beats a midday nap.

This is probably why I am not sleeping.

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