Starting over… again…

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.” – Anne Tyler

I have been thinking about writing again for a long time. And thinking about it was all that I was doing.  I considered starting again on a new blog but I used to have something good on here, so I’m just continuing… After a very significant hiatus.  Wanting to start again elsewhere might have had something to do with the fact 90% of the images on this blog appear to have vanished into the ether never to be seen again.. I will eventually try to work out what the images were or I will delete them. I’ll do something… Eventually.

So to get to the point: I am starting again. I am trying to rekindle my desire to write. I love writing but I haven’t done any of it for so long. I lost my drive and I want it back. I like to make people (mostly myself) laugh and I do that best when I write.

This time, over all previous promises of the same, I will stay on top of this. I will do things that I find interesting enough to write about, and I will make people laugh again.


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